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    Is this site hacked?

    When using this site using a mobile browser (cell phone) i periodically get a pop up telling me that two viruses have been detected and I should download their program to clear them. No matter what you click, including the back button, you can't get out of the pop up. So far the only way I've...
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    Parts fir Honda mowers

    Just a quick note. I bought a new HRX217K6VLA couple of weeks ago and wanted to get a charger for it (electric start). Dealer had none and didn't think he would be able to get any this summer, perhaps 4th qtr, but wasn't sure (word from Honda). Looked online and none to be had anywhere. Just...
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    Bought a new Honda today

    Lawn boy started leaking a few drops of gas, garage began to smell of it. Probably the fuel line cracked. After all its 25 years old this spring. So I decided to get the little lady a new mower rather than put up with that pice of junk. Drove over the local Honda dealer, intended to to get the...
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    Dewalt inflator

    Seems whenever i go out to the shed to start the Simplicity Broadmoor, I either have a flat tire or one thats low. So I end up dragging an air hose of the garage, out to the shed. Not a huge deal, but a pitta anyway. So I decided to buy a Dewalt 20 volt, cordless inflator. Model DCC020IB. Let...
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    OCDC for a Broadmoor

    I'm trading in my Regency for a new Broadmoor 23 hp with 50" stamped deck. Would like to install an operator controlled discharge chute on the new machine. On the Regency I simply drilled a hole in the rubber chute and attached a small rope. Works, but trailer park. Like to make it look oem if...