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    Checking noises but can't leave the seat !!!

    Safety glasses & caution should be excersized.
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    Love the site but...

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    Love the site but...

    Turn up your security filters..
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    Checking noises but can't leave the seat !!!

    Long, long ago in the late 60's, I worked in a machine shop evenings thru high school. I had long sleeves on (which was a no-no), running a milling machine, slow speed. In a flash my sleeve got caught & was pulling me in, I was fortunate enough to hit the OFF button.. Somethings one never...
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    Pop up Ads

    No ads at all here, I run latest Firefox, & sometimes MS Edge.
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    Toro Pivot Arm Replacement

    In my experience having a Toro Z, factory warranty was 3 years..
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    Checking noises but can't leave the seat !!!

    Agree w / Bert, set park brake & engine will keep running.
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    54” or 60”

    True enough..
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    54” or 60”

    Toro Dealer will p/up, but at least here that costs..
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    Snow in TN.

    Had less than 1 inch in SE TN, gone by noon.. But the rains are heavy & will be iced up come morning.. O-well..
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    Tweel front tires on Hustler super z hyperdrive 60 inch deck

    I've read, overpriced & not worth the money. When the plastic/poly spokes break or weaken, they are shot.
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    I agree 100% Mechanic Mark...(y)....... & we had a tornado pass by as well.. & GOD bless all y'all..
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    Looking at a new Scag 48" Liberty Z

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    Look on the bright side, you are still above ground.
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    Full throttle off load???

    My Shindaiwa manual states to avoid WFO 10,000rpms when not under a cutting / trimming load. Bought it new back in 2015, never any issue..
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    Mower Humor

    Yes, as life should be... LOL
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    Mower Humor

    I want one, think the wait list is long ?
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    Happy New Year to All.. Be careful out there.....
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    I Hope You Order New Equipment ASAP

    My Toro Dealer has only 2 Zero turns in stock......Can't get any in. They do have a boat load of used mowers in for service & repairs, which should keep them going. Good time for selling used mowers. I lucked out snagging my 2021 Scag LZ in May of this year. Only one in stock. And last year...
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    All the oils & grease - beginner questions

    Long ago back in 2014 (after my early oil change) I called Kawasaki about the 100 hour oil change intervals. For my then Toro Z. The Kaw Tech said that is for those that cut 100 or more hours PER YEAR. He stated otherwise, best to do it @ 50 or yearly. He said the book should be changed. But...