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  1. PTmowerMech

    Rittenhouse trial, jury is still out

    But I suspect they won't be out long. The prosecutions case was garbage, so sayeth the defense attorney, Richards. This man is like the real Goliath. (Billy Bob Thornton's character). This is an obvious case of self defense. Especially after the prosecution failed to understand the gun laws in...
  2. PTmowerMech

    Brave Browser

    I just started using the "Brave" browser. And I'm liking it. Now there's like no ads on any of the webpages I go to. And there's something on the right side of the home screen that says I'm making money from using it. I'm not sure what it is. It's only about .20 cents since last night. I think...
  3. PTmowerMech

    KT746 Locked up

    KT746-3011 BD: 08/02/2015 Feeling pretty good today, so I thought I'd check out why this Kohler was locked up. It's impossible to turn from the engine fan. Put a big pair of channel locks on the crank (the rusty part, just below the crank seal) and gave it a tug in both directions, and it...
  4. PTmowerMech

    I drove a gravely for the 1st time today

    Well, the first time I've mowed for a long period of time on one. Spent about 2.5hours on it. It's a 52" cut, IIRC. Decent size Kawasaki engine. Darn thing bout beat me to death. The landlord said she'd knock $100 off my rent if I mowed her big ass yard. Good grief man, she's got a huge place...
  5. PTmowerMech

    The John Deere Strike

    The John Deere Strike Shows the Tight Labor Market Is Ready to Pop SHORTLY BEFORE MIDNIGHT on Wednesday, production workers at a John Deere facility in Waterloo, Iowa, started shutting down the plant, quenching the furnaces in the foundry. The plant was already mostly empty, with Deere telling...
  6. PTmowerMech

    A Proud Papa

    My son and his gal got to be in a music video. They're the young dancing couple. This is also her dads band.
  7. PTmowerMech

    Apple Scmapple

    I didn't get the chance to watch much TV last holiday season. But this year, I'm in a better situation and can watch all I want. One thing I've always looked forwards to was Peanuts (Charlie Brown and Snoopy). Since I'm streaming this year, but can still watch local TV, I wanted to find out...
  8. PTmowerMech

    German Roaches

    So the new house I'm moving into, well was. At the moment almost everything is in the garage waiting to get rid of the roaches. I looked at the house about 1 week before I started moving in. And didn't see one roach. Not a one. The day I hauled my first load, they were everywhere. Some house...
  9. PTmowerMech

    31707 0129 E1 Runs for a few seonds, then dies

    Hey everyone. I've been out of sorts lately. Some medical issues (Back, knee and elbow) Still not back to up to par. But supervising my nephew on a problem he has. It'll run for a few seconds. (30 sec. tops) then just die. Spark test: When it dies, the crank is still turns enough rounds to see...
  10. PTmowerMech

    ECH749-3016 Stuck flywheel

    This is on a scag 61. Horizontal engine. Only one place to get a prybar under the fly wheel at, being there's not much room without taking the intake off. So with the one place to pry from, using the snap-on air hammer, didn't do the trick. So I've got the puller on it, and using the tire...
  11. PTmowerMech

    Anyone else into online golf?

    I used to play "Winning Putt" til they shut it down. I think that was in about 2018. I haven't played anything online since. But an old friend of mine from that game sent me a message the other day (haven't heard from him in years) and said he's playing "Shot Online." He likes it. So I thought...
  12. PTmowerMech

    Nikota gen, different V's from same receptacle

    6.5hp Chonda engine on a NIkota 3500w Gen. It has what looks like a capacitor in it. This thing is old, so I'm guessing that's also a regulator. Anywho, After making the repairs on this (carb mainly), I checked the voltage. From one plug, I dialed up the governor to 120v's. The other plug...
  13. PTmowerMech

    BR600Z crank seal leaking

    This thing runs pretty good. Just not closed to the RPM's I think it should run. Adjusting the H out, really doesn't change anything, unless I'm closing it. Took the recoil off and found a pretty bad crank seal leak. Very wet around it. Question: Would a crank seal have that same affect on...
  14. PTmowerMech

    746-0879 For MTD Tiller

    PTO cable for a MTD tiller, 212-390-000.
  15. PTmowerMech

    GT201 Solution post

    Some of you guru's, please correct me if I'm wrong about this. I'm getting some of last years left overs ready to sell this spring, and ran across this trimmer someone gave me last year. The carb was junk, so I tossed it into the "rebuild later bin" and put a new Amazon carb on it. The carb...
  16. PTmowerMech

    What I'm listening to (for the 3rd day straight)

    This isn't really my type of music. But my kids sent it to me, because he knows how I am about druggies. (Can't stand their guts and livers). The first time I listened to it, it was tough to get through, because it's not my kind of music. But the words drew me in. And after listening to it a 2nd...
  17. PTmowerMech

    460 Rancher chainsaw

    The both L and H are limited. The H was turned as far as the limiter would allow it. Customer just wanted new primer lines, so that's all I did. (I've been griped out lately for doing a little more than another customer wanted so I'm sticking to doing just what I'm told to do) Anywho, this...
  18. PTmowerMech

    2012 Grizzly 300, I think

    The vin numbers that are supposed to be stamped on the frame (behind the left front wheel, are not legible. So I took a part number from the fuel tank cover and researched it. 1SC-F171A shows to fit the 300 grizzly. The customer doesn't have any paperwork on the ATV, so I'm just trying to match...
  19. PTmowerMech

    It's starting already "IT'S A TRAP!!!!!!!!!!"

    Two customers today with one mower they wanna get running. And in return, they have these other really awesome ones, with good "everything," They just need a little something something that I could fix, resell and make millions... UGH... At least that's how they come across. I know it's a...
  20. PTmowerMech

    What did I do wrong?

    Poulan Pro PP5020AV chainsaw. Compression at about 150. Good spark. Prime it, choke it, and it cranks and idles fine but bogs when revved up. Over and over, (having to crank it a dozen times or more) I finally starts revving without bogging. I'm opening it up trying to find that strokin...