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    Need Help Locating a Manual

    Hey everyone, I've got an old wood chipper, previously made by Garden Way (since gone out of business). The model number is 47024 and the serial number is 47204010444. I need some parts, I think the blades/knives. Anyone have any idea where I could find this manual? Thanks!
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    Self propel issue

    TORO 20017, SN:260019574 Toro 22” rear wheel drive self propelled mower. The gears on the wheels are metal. If I lift up on the mower handle, the wheels spin just fine. When I set the mower down there’s a terrible metal grinding sound. I checked the pulley belt, looks good. I adjusted the...
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    Last summer I fixed a handful of mowers, I used cheap China aftermarket carbs from Amazon. Was very frustrated because they rarely worked. So I focused on cleaning the originals or Replacing them with originals. My opinion question is: Does Stens make a quality replacement product?
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    Could be a dumb question…

    Someone gave me a mower. It starts but putters. I attached pictures of the auto choke, can anyone tell me which one is correct?
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    Missing part?

    I’ve got a Briggs and Stratton engine 125K02 0477 E1. Attached is a photo. It’s missing the control cover but I’m having trouble finding an exact part number that goes with that shroud, any ideas? Shroud part number is 795064.
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    What do you think?

    I've got a TORO Lawn Mower, with a Tecumseh Engine, (LEV120, Spec 362003A) I replaced the carburetor with an aftermarket carb, worked like a charm. Mowed most of my lawn with it, then all of a sudden POOF white smoke starts pouring out of the exhaust, gotta be a blown head gasket? That sudden...
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    Mower won’t start easily

    Working on a Briggs and Stratton engine model number 125K02-0658-E1 I replaced the carb, and fuel line, I can get it to start but man it’s a bear. Attached is a photo, I’d appreciate any advice on any adjustments I could To get this thing to start easier?
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    Can’t get a LAWNBOY lawn mower to start

    Model number : 10682 Serial number: 260013710 Engine model number: LVE95A Spec: 362044D I can’t this one to run. It has a new carburetor, fuel line, and air filter. Ive Tried adjusting the screw on the carburetor. I’ve swapped out the spark plug. I can’t get it to start. Any ideas?
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    Craftsman mower won’t start

    I’ve got a craftsman self propelled walk behind mower. I can get the model and engine number. It has.... -Fresh gas -New fuel line -New carburetor -New spark plug and it will not start. with a spray of starting fluid, it will start and keep running without a problem, but it will not start...
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    Honda identification help

    Hey everyone, I can’t find the carburetor I need for this Honda. I’ve searched Honda’s website and entered in the number, no dice. I’ve searched the internet for the number imprinted on the carburetor, same deal. Can anyone help me find the carburetor number I need? Photos of engine model number...
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    Help with identifying engine model

    For the life of me, I can’t find the engine model number imprinted Anywhere on this mower. It needs a new governor/throttle spring. Any Idea what the model number is for this engine or the part number for the spring?
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    I need an engine cable

    I need an engine control cable for this mower. I have the engine number but the model number for the mower has been scratched off. Anyone know the part number for the cable I need?
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    Husqvarna help

    New to fixing mowers. I have husqvarna hu775h. Ran great. Self propel cable broke, turned it on its side to fix it, proceeded to fix it, then went to pull start it and it’s locked, it won’t pull at all. interesting part is I can turn the blade once or twice in one direction, then it won’t go...
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    Help me identify the model number for this mower

    Model number scratched off, Anyone know the model number for this mower?
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    I need to replace the carburetor on a Honda mower. Model number: H662164TDA Serial: MZCG 7724 132 imprinted on the engine is: GJAEA5781751 -How do I know which carburetor I need? -Is it the same carb for all Honda gcv160 engines? Thanks!
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    What kind of Carburetor for this Honda Lawn Mower

    So I've got a Honda Mower, I cleaned the carb but it's still surging. The adjustment screw is stripped, I'm just going to buy a new carburetor. My question is I don't know what kind I need. Here's what info I have... Honda GCV160 Stamped on the side is the number GJAEA-4272772 Any thoughts...
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    Help! Toro 20018 SN 220334426, Engine LEV120

    Hey everyone, so I got this mower that didn't work for free, I drained the gas, changed the oil, put on a new fuel line, a new carburetor, and put fresh gas in. It will start, but doesn't rev very high at all, and slowly just dies over about 10 seconds. I've tried adjusting the carburetor screw...
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    What is the best brand? Weigh in here...

    Opinion time...what is the best brand of lawn mower and engine? Snapper mowers, and Honda engines but what are your favorite mowers and why? Conversely, what are the worst? Toro, Troy-Built, Husqvarna, Honda, Yardman, Lawnboy, John Deere...
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    Electric start? help?? TORO 20018 SN 220334426

    I've got a TORO 20018 SN 220334426 , it has an electric start, I'm assuming the battery is dead? My question is should it still start on just a pull cord? Or will the battery being dead prevent any sort of spark occuring? I cleaned out the carb, it actually looked in pretty good shape, put...
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    I need some help with a carburetor

    Hey everyone, so I've come across several mowers where I've either cleaned or replaced the carburetor. The mower still wont start on its own. If I use some starting fluid it'll start right up, and keep running without a problem. But if I don't use started fluid, I can't get it to start. I've...