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    COVID19 Garden

    Hello, Is anybody considering putting in a vegetable garden,with food shortages in your local grocery store? Sort of similar to the "victory gardens" during WWII. I guess I can break out my TroyBilt tiller and expand mine. Regards Jeff
  2. J

    Kubota hydraulic cylinder rebuild

    Hello, The middle hydraulic cylinder on my LA211 FEL needs to be rebuilt. Kubota sells a rebuild kit, is it hard to do? I've never rebuilt one before. Regards Jeff
  3. J

    Backfiring resolution

    Hi Guys, My 4hp Tecumseh (on a Troy-Bilt Junior rototiller) backfired when running at full speed and real bad when the throttle was pulled back to idle. After searching the web for a cause of backfiring on small air cooled engines, I couldn't find a definitive reason why. I removed the head...
  4. J

    Oil leak on GXV140

    Hi Guys, I noticed an oil leak started at the end of this years mowing season. I searched this Honda forum, but only found a couple related posts. Oil is all over the BBC system, which leads me to think the lower crankshaft seal is bad, however when the mower was tilted on it's side, oil...
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    Troy-Bilt Junior tiller

    Hello, How much motor oil does the Troy-bilt junior tiller take? It has the 4.0 Tecumseh (HS40-55580L) engine. The plastic fill port plug has no dipstick, so I have no way of knowing how much oil is in it. Also looks like there are drain plugs on both sides of the engine. Regards Jeff
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    Suzuki 2 stroke beater

    It's been a lean year on C.L. for Lawn-Boys, so I picked up this Toro with an early 47PZ2 (points not electronic ignition and no primer bulb on the air cleaner box)) Suzuki two stroke. No model number anywhere. Somebody fitted it with an aftermarket type electronic ignition (see pic). The...
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    2 of the 3 most favorite things in like I like doing.

    I had an awesome day today windsurfing on the Holloway reservoir and mowing about a 1/2 football field with my HR215 masters mower. Trying to stay in shape at 56 is not an easy thing to do. I can't show a photo of the 3rd thing I like doing too,,,wrong forum,,,lol. Regards Jeff
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    Echo 2 cycle mower for sale near Chicago

    Hello, Somebody is selling a very rare Echo 2 cycle mower near Chicago. Check out Craigslist Chicago, search on "echo". This is the non self propelled model, they also made a self propelled model with a homelite deck. If I weren't 5 hours away, I'd pick it up. Regards Jeff
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    N.I.B. Honda HR17 on eBay

    Hi All, There is a new in box Honda HR17 on eBay for 2,000.00!!! I've heard of LawnBoy commercial mowers selling for over 1k, but this sets a new precedence. I don't think I paid that much for my first car,,,lol...
  10. J

    New to me HR173 + HR215 Masters mowers

    Hi All, I just picked up a seldom seen HR173 for 90.00. This mower didn't require any repairs, just a good cleaning and an oil change. I also picked up a HR215 Masters mower about 2 weeks ago. The transmission didn't work, but I only paid 80.00 for it, so I took a chance, knowing a...
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    10323 tips

    Hi All, Here is a couple tips for Duraforce engined L.B.'s. A Tecumseh primer bulb will fit the Duraforce shroud. The rubber used on the Tecumseh primer bulb is just better than the plastic one. Sorry don't have a part number, but it's the bulb used on small single stage snowblowers. All my...
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    How to spot touchup a L.B. deck

    The 10550 Lawnboy I bought off Craigslist had typical abrasion caused by somebody running the mower against a house or brick retaining wall. Here is a how to sequence of repairing the damaged paint for somebody who has never attempted this, so it's fairly simplistic. 1. Clean the entire deck. I...
  13. J

    Interesting blurb regarding gasoline

    Hi All, While looking for parts on parts, this blurb on the bottom of the page was interesting; Fuel Selection Today's gasoline breaks down quickly. When it does, it leaves behind a thick varnish-like residue that adheres to the walls of its container, including the inside of the fuel...
  14. J

    Newly acquired 10550

    Hi All, I picked up a highly used 10550. This is the first Duraforce I've come across where the engine was shot (there is about 1/16" of play in the crankshaft). Oddly, the play is longitudally in relation to the mower, little side to side. Anyhow, i have a 10323 parts mower, where the deck...
  15. J

    Red LawnBoy

    Hi All, I picked up this Toro with Suzuki 2 stroke for 40.00 off Craigslist yesterday model 22031. Runs good. Jeff
  16. J

    10323 Surging

    Hi All, My 2003 10323 had a surging problem since picking it up off Craiglist about a year ago. Cleaning the carb and setting the float height made no improvement. I took the carb off a scrap 10323 and drilled the pilot jet using a 77 drill (.018") and main jet with a 67 drill (.032") The...
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    Lawn-Boy / Jacobsen for sale in Chicago area

    Fellow 2-stroke aficionado's. There is an old Lawn-Boy and 19" Jacobsen turbo cut for sale near Chicago. Here is the link to the Craigslist add; post The Jacobsen looks in pretty good shape. I had the 21" version of this mower, but...
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    Cheap Tachometer

    You can check the R.P.M. of your Lawn-Boy using a cheap tachometer (19 - 25 dollars) intended for model airplanes, available at hobby shops or online from Tower Hobbies. This type of tach replies on light passing through the blades, so you have to remove your cover plate. I propped up the...
  19. J

    Duraforce primer bulb upgrade

    I picked up a pretty nice 10323 off Craigslist for 25.00. About the only thing wrong with it was a cracked primer bulb and a governor spring that was bent out of shape. A Tecumseh primer bulb off a 3hp 2 cycle snow-blower will fit a Duraforce housing, looks pretty much stock (and its rubber...
  20. J

    16785 transmission gear

    I'm in the process of refurbishing a 16785 Toro, and am looking for a good used transmission gear (not the worm gear, its ok). It's part number 49 on the Toro website. I don't think you can get them new from Toro anymore. Thanks Jeff