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  1. SnapperLady

    Need help with a Snapper 21401-P walk behind

    I'm going to go out on a limb here.... I have a 1986 Snapper 21401-P walk behind - I've had it for 10 years and it's been a great mower. It is self-propelled (with a chain drive) and has a Briggs and Stratton engine. I've posted about it on the Snapper forum. This mower, which was running and...
  2. SnapperLady

    Classic MTD's found!

    Once again, I can't stop myself from checking out "graveyards" behind mower shops. This week's finds - three neat old MTD's. The first is a "re-conditioned" (but not restored by any means) and for sale for $100. It's an MTD and says Hechinger's on it. 21" cut, 3.5 hp B&S engine. Model #...
  3. SnapperLady

    1995 Scag looking to be restored

    Hi Scag folks, I posted a thread on "General Mower Discussion" and haven't gotten any responses, so I thought I'd post this here. Hope y'all don't mind. I always keep my eyes open for cool stuff, especially mowers. Took a new route to work the other day and noticed a "graveyard" behind a mower...
  4. SnapperLady

    Rehabbing and Restoration of old mowers

    I live out in the country and always keep my eyes open for cool old stuff. We had 3" of rain overnight so the creek flooded out the usual road I take to work. Had to go a different way this morning. Passed by a mower place I hadn't seen before. Of course, the shiny new Husqvarnas and Gravelys...
  5. SnapperLady

    Interesting old Ariens

    I am visitng from another forum. I pass by a farm near my house on a regular basis and have been checking out what I thought was an old Snapper t-bar. Turns out, it's a cool old Ariens. I took some photos to post here, in case an Ariens enthusiast might be interested. The mower just sits there...