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  1. another 60's Wheelhorse

    another 60's Wheelhorse

  2. 3 pending projects

    3 pending projects

  3. 1961 Wheelhorse

    1961 Wheelhorse

  4. early 60's Wheelhorse

    early 60's Wheelhorse

  5. mid 60's Wheelhorse

    mid 60's Wheelhorse

  6. '65 Wheelhorse

    '65 Wheelhorse

  7. '65 Wheelhorse 2

    '65 Wheelhorse 2

  8. old Craftsman

    old Craftsman

  9. other pending projects

    other pending projects

  10. My Mower Repair Guy's Collection

    My Mower Repair Guy's Collection

    My newly discovered mower repair guy has an amazing collection! He loves old lawn tractors, especially 1960's Wheel Horse. Here's a few pictures of what he's got going on.
  11. SnapperLady

    Need help with a Snapper 21401-P walk behind

    I'm going to go out on a limb here.... I have a 1986 Snapper 21401-P walk behind - I've had it for 10 years and it's been a great mower. It is self-propelled (with a chain drive) and has a Briggs and Stratton engine. I've posted about it on the Snapper forum. This mower, which was running and...
  12. SnapperLady

    Classic MTD's found!

    Once again, I can't stop myself from checking out "graveyards" behind mower shops. This week's finds - three neat old MTD's. The first is a "re-conditioned" (but not restored by any means) and for sale for $100. It's an MTD and says Hechinger's on it. 21" cut, 3.5 hp B&S engine. Model #...
  13. SnapperLady

    1995 Scag looking to be restored

    Hi Scag folks, I posted a thread on "General Mower Discussion" and haven't gotten any responses, so I thought I'd post this here. Hope y'all don't mind. I always keep my eyes open for cool stuff, especially mowers. Took a new route to work the other day and noticed a "graveyard" behind a mower...
  14. SCAG 2

    SCAG 2

  15. SCAG top of deck

    SCAG top of deck

  16. SCAG control panel

    SCAG control panel

  17. SCAG seat

    SCAG seat

  18. SCAG STHM-22CV


  19. SCAG STHM-22CV


  20. SnapperLady

    Rehabbing and Restoration of old mowers

    I live out in the country and always keep my eyes open for cool old stuff. We had 3" of rain overnight so the creek flooded out the usual road I take to work. Had to go a different way this morning. Passed by a mower place I hadn't seen before. Of course, the shiny new Husqvarnas and Gravelys...