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    Best way to patch this deck without welding?

    As a user, I would be afraid to use a lawn mower in such a situation ... and I would not buy one with a fiberglass deck without a good iron mesh inside. I say this because, for a brief period, I used a similar cutter and ran over stumps and stones that would most likely break a fiber deck or...
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    Help with oil plug B&S 31P777

    My level of knowledge in this equipment is very low, so some questions may seem naive, but I believe they are valid since most users are in fact ignorant and I believe that this forum exists to clarify doubts about defects, operation, exchange experiences as you and many others do so gently. Of...
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    Help with oil plug B&S 31P777

    Analyzing the oil ... Due to the lack of knowledge of a standard procedure (which can even be centrifuging and not magnetic), I adopted a very simple one that can be seen and understood by the photos and video below, remembering only that the oil was not at the working temperature and that the...
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    Do I take mower to Dealer or maintain mower myself ?

    When you work on what you like, the result is always good, because the commitment is maximum, as well as the result.
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    Help with oil plug B&S 31P777

    Really, spending my time on the things I like is fun ... boring is not having the materials on hand and taking a while to get them, doing is another fun. Just as there was no magnetic plug in my car, after putting it on I was amazed at what was circulating and I imagine the harm it does ...
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    Help with oil plug B&S 31P777

    A small modification ... Nitrile rubber is expensive and would still have to be adapted ... but there is an almost inexhaustible and free source on the floor of car workshops. It is an O-ring of the fuel injector nozzles. Then... I tried to make an aluminum washer, it didn't look good ...
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    Funny picture thread

    Not at all ... you just need a good carbohydrate fuel.
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    Absence in the American market.

    I am the owner of a lawn mower that can be driven for about 3 or 4 months, which in reality has not yet cut a lint of grass, because the machine I bought used was either very badly treated or I am very demanding. The fact is that I have seen a lot of material on the subject due to the needs of...
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    New NGK Spark Plugs assembled in Thailand ?

    Nobody talked about PO?
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    Help with oil plug B&S 31P777

    You know something is good, but can it improve? So it is...
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    Help with oil plug B&S 31P777

    I totally agree ... but when the option is too far away or too expensive, there are other possible and fully acceptable options ... not for everything, of course!
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    Is a Spark Arrestor really Necessary?

    Be careful with Murphy's law ...
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    About gear box Peerles-HMST-206-565

    Hey, guys... The washers arrived ahead of schedule ... Although the lock washer is not a very hard steel, it should last a long time and I now have several. Due to the thicknesses it was not possible to place the 3 (1 lock and 2 spacing, according to the drawing), the lock must spend first...
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    Funny picture thread

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    Help with oil plug B&S 31P777

    Evolution 2... Turned and ready parts. Connected parts. Note: soft washer is missing and exchange EVA rubber for another nitrile.
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    Help with oil plug B&S 31P777

    Evolution ... Turned and ready parts, lacking a nitrile rubber, a soft washer and a small chain to hold the lid. Preparation of the exagonal part. Internal turning with the same size as the connection pipe Detail of the internal channels for better sealing. Turning the sealing pin to the...
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    Help with oil plug B&S 31P777

    muddy 51 Yes, friends have already passed on this information ... but I imagined that the taper (angle) was on the male thread (plug) but after placing the test plug I saw that the angle is on the female thread (engine). But when passing the improvised tool, the NPT thread was changed to a...
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    Oil Overfill??

    Jagger2002 My "suggestion" is that due to the fact that you did not fill the filter before, it accumulated air and the oil did not enter it, that is, the extra volume that you are seeing on the dipstick is what did not enter the filter. I don't know why you lost the oil ... didn't you rescue...
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    Help with oil plug B&S 31P777

    Continuation... Yesterday I researched the market and found 3 stores and only 1 accepted to sell me, a piece as said by Scrubcadet10, if it were in iron it would be quite cheap, but I prefer in aluminum or brass, I found what is called here "long nipple" , in brass, whose value is BRL 55.00 (+...
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    Synthetic oil or not?

    An analogy with the auto industry ... In my country, I participate in a Chevrolet brand forum, the most frequent question being about replacing it with synthetic oil, thinner or thicker. Some automakers only recommend the oil itself (as if they made it), but most recommend 1 or 2 types of SAE...