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    Absence in the American market.

    I am the owner of a lawn mower that can be driven for about 3 or 4 months, which in reality has not yet cut a lint of grass, because the machine I bought used was either very badly treated or I am very demanding. The fact is that I have seen a lot of material on the subject due to the needs of...
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    Help with oil plug B&S 31P777

    Hey guys! As some already know, I am repairing a Murray 42" with B&S 31P777 and one of the problems is the oil plug that came with a water valve (don't laugh). I need to know the measures of such a plug to make an appropriate one, because here it is either very expensive or it is very difficult...
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    About gear box Peerles-HMST-206-565

    I always try to anticipate some problems ... I am seeing information and videos about the gearbox (mine works well), it is bathed in thick oil, but has no drain or opening for changes. It seems to have a sturdy construction and a long life forecast, but not infinite ... Is there any guidance...
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    About headlights

    It may be a small detail or a big nonsense, but my tractor came without headlights (lamps). I know I will never mow grass at night, but to satisfy my granddaughter, I need to replace the lamps and wiring to the chassis connector. My battery is 12VDC ... I found nothing in manuals ... How many...
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    Cutting deck problem

    Murray 42L18G60X8A When I bought this lawn mower, the platform was disassembled, with dents, some tears, broken cable and with rumbling bearings. I noticed some differences between the current platform and the one in the Murray manual (basically in the part of the brake set) I recovered all the...
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    Help! Noise in my engine

    I recently bought a used Murray 18.5 (B&S 31P777), and I believe it's hitting connecting rod or clearance in the crankshaft housing... i have can check without opening? Tks.