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    Fuel Treatment

    No surprise really. The government got into the business of controlling products to prevent them from being "adulterated." These days government power is used to REQUIRE that products be adulterated.
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    Rusty Gas Tank

    What causes the inside of a tank to rust out? I'd presume that would require long term exposure to water. Would that be caused by long time condensation in the tank or what?
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    Rusty Gas Tank

    I wonder if two or three coats of spray primer would work to seal the metal? I'm imagining that would get into the various nooks and crannies of the tank.
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    Rusty Gas Tank

    Normally I'd expect to remove any existing finish and sand before refinishing a rusty piece of metal. Obviously that's not practical with a fuel tank ---but what kind of prep work can you do before refinishing?
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    Carb Cleaning

    So what island are you on and what are you using your equipment for? When I'm dreaming of being on a tiny south Pacific Island I don'r envision myself being behind a lawn mower......
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    Can't Get Lawn Mower to Start - Running Out of Options

    Did you inspect it and find a defect?
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    Briggs and Stratton16 hp OVH Engine Surges/Runs Bad Pops Throughout Intake.

    <<I had the carb and lines off like 100 times already never had this much trouble with such a simple engine.. unless there is something i am missing inside the carb. Does anyone know a good aftermarket carb that has worked for them? debating on getting a new one but oem is like $120 thats more...
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    Mid Season Mower Maintenance

    I've never had that accumulate debris, so I don't usually check on it. But it's worth doing. And I'll check and blow out the air filter cartridge if it needs it. Good ideas!
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    Mid Season Mower Maintenance

    I'm 2/3rds of the way through the mowing season ---well into our seasonal drought which stunts the lawn growth, but not the weed growth. I did a mid season maintenance check this evening. I scraped off the accumulated grass collected under the mower. The oil level was a little low, so I...
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    This one has me stumped

    << Replacing carb parts like that builds character. >> Good or bad?
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    This one has me stumped

    <<It appears I have found the problem. It was not the carb. >> I think there is a tendency to have a theory on a problem, and pursue that repair repeatedly even when it doesn't fix the problem. Part of that is lack of confidence that you have fixed the problem correctly. But you can fix the...
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    This one has me stumped

    I'm not an Xpert, I'm a Diyer speculating on possible causes for the symptoms you describe. Since you describe the engine as acting as though it's running out of fuel, I'd take that seriously and suppose that it is running out of fuel. So you have a fuel problem and likely a carburetor...
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    Does anyone else have a two-stroke Lawn Boy? 19"! No wonder they were so light!
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    Riding lawnmower goes full speed

    Does the governor appear to move freely and vary the speed widely when you move it by hand?
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    Stabil for Gasoline Storage?

    Yep, everyone has their own methods for storing fuel. And they all work, until they don't....
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    1997 mtd front drive belt removal

    If all it took was a lot of frustration, I would have more success with repairs.... You didn't mention the often key role of bad language. Perhaps you should be put up for sainthood as well.
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    Kohler CV15-41562 Oil Leak

    You are obviously a hero and should be awarded a medal for soldiering your way through this kind of issue! Especially if you wind up solving the problem. But Custer and Davie Crocket were heroes even though they both got massacred....
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    1997 mtd front drive belt removal

    Sounds like someone needs to make a You Tube video of this procedure.... This is a lot more than I can imagine, and as a DIYer, I don't have that equipment anyway. How did you soldier your way through to solving this problem, which was apparently complicated and unintuitive? Strategies for...
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    Local Mower Repair Shops

    I notice that many bicycling forums place a good deal of emphasis on buying bicycles, parts and repairs from local bicycle repair shops rather than mass market retailers. Should forums like this place similar emphasis on purchasing mowers, parts and repair services from local mower repair...
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    help with model number

    I thought that might be the case. Thank you for the correction. If he wasn't able to find the needed part number, would your local mower repair shop be able to measure it, identify it and get the correct replacement?