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    Mid Season Mower Maintenance

    I'm 2/3rds of the way through the mowing season ---well into our seasonal drought which stunts the lawn growth, but not the weed growth. I did a mid season maintenance check this evening. I scraped off the accumulated grass collected under the mower. The oil level was a little low, so I...
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    Local Mower Repair Shops

    I notice that many bicycling forums place a good deal of emphasis on buying bicycles, parts and repairs from local bicycle repair shops rather than mass market retailers. Should forums like this place similar emphasis on purchasing mowers, parts and repair services from local mower repair...
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    Maintaining mower control cables

    I seem to find lots of older equipment where the control cables are seized up, which seems to happen especially commonly when they aren't used much. So how should cables be maintained? Is oiling them from time to time worthwhile? Should the inner cable be pulled out, greased and replaced...
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    Cleaning Combustion Chamber per B&S

    12f8022021e1 I notice that the Briggs operating manual specifies that the "combustion chamber" m should be cleaned every 100-300 hours of operation. I'm supposing that would involve opening the head and inspecting and cleaning the head of the piston and valves as needed ---or something else...
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    Testing Spark Plugs Using An Ohmmeter

    Here's a You Tube video showing methods for testing spark plugs with an ohmmeter. Comments are invited.
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    Common Mistakes Made By Amateur Repair People

    So--- Pros: What are the common mistakes made by amateur repair people?
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    Engine Surging Diagnosed As Vacuum Leak

    Here is a good You Tube video on diagnosing engine surging problems.
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    Starts Only When Gas Is Squirted Into Carb ---Wont Run

    I'm starting a new thread to report the problem I identified that was causing the B&S Quantum engine to not run. I pursued a variety of bad fuel-dirty carb solutions, none of which helped a bit. Someone suggested checking the spark and opening the head to verify that the valves were working...
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    Fuel Filters in B&S Walk Behind Mowers

    I found a fuel filter in the fuel line between the fuel tank of my Snapper walk behind mower and the B&S carburetor. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a fuel filter? Is it worth while installing a simple filter if the mower doesn't have one? How likely is it that a filter will...