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    Not a mechanical problem, need help. Due to COVID I’ve had to find something else to do to stay out of the better half’s way. Doing some woodworking and my hand mitrebox saw needs some TLC. I’m wondering if anyone out there would happen to have a saw tooth setting tool they have no idea when...
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    Tools you didn’t know you needed!

    Was at the deer shack two weeks ago and the land owner and I got to talking about tools and toolbox’s, don’t ask why. We both were born before the 50’s. What came up was we both had tools in our boxes that don’t make sense until you need it. So I decided I would post a few pics of odd tools...
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    Can’t post a reply

    Anyone else having trouble posting a reply to a thread? The box where you should type in your reply does not show up. I’m able to edit this post, which I’m doing now, but not reply to it. Don’t want to reply by starting a conversation. Just tried to reply to a conversation, that doesn’t work...
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    Email bombardment

    Has anyone else seen this problem? Last night I checked my email notifications before retiring for the night and found none. This morning when I checked there were thirteen notifications, going back to threads that had no replies yesterday morning. This has been occurring since the latest...
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    Posting Times

    Can someone explain to me how the posting time works since the new improved site was started. I understood how the old system working, but the new times don’t make sense to me. Ex: I posted a reply at 10:07 AM CST today and now it says 4:07 PM if I visit the site as a guest, but 10:07 after I...
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    Need a differential for Lawn Boy

    Anyone have a source for Gilson or Lawn Boy differential. Gilson part number 231409, Lawn Boy part number 740436, or Peerless number 100-008 or 100-008A.
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    Is it just me or what

    Since the addition of more ads the site is driving me crazy. These are the things that are happening. 1. Screen keeps changing size, at all different times while I’m on the site. Does not happen when I browse as a guest. This does not happen when I use the old format, but that lacks some...
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    Craftsman chainsaw

    Does anyone have a source for a carb for a Craftsman chainsaw model 358.356090. It was built by Poulan and has a Walbro carb model HDB-8C. I need a replacement carb, because I don’t know if this one can be rebuilt. Hope to replace before trying. Thanks Rivets
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    My turn to ask for help

    Does anyone have a parts breakdown for a right angle gearbox part number 539003131. Used by AYP, Husqvarna, Bluebird on sod cutters. Don't want to buy a complete new box. Thank you in advance, Rivets.
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    Clutch removal JD walk behind

    My turn to ask for help. I have a John Deere walk behind mower which I need instructions on how to remove the blade brake clutch, so I can replace the traction drive belt. Any instructions would be of great help as I hope to do this job tomorrow. Have the lower half of the clutch off, but...
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    i have a customer who wants me to purchase and install an MTD Model 190-032 snowblower on his LGT 2654 husquvara tractor. Before ordering one for him I want to make sure that it will fit without modifications. Need to know before I can give him an installation quote. Thanks in advance, Rivets
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    Sovereign 3416H

    Anyone have a wiring diagram for a Simplicity Soveriegn 3416H. Have a unit which had a fire and need to rewire it tomorrow. Thanks Rivets.
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    Thank You

    Just want to pass along a BIG THANK YOU to all the members and past members of the ARMED FORCES, POLICE, AND FIRE DEPARTMENTS, for your service in keeping this country and the world a better place to live. I'm including the world, as we are all in this together. Hopefully our children will...
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    I just got a used mower from my elderly nieghbor and am trying to get it running for him. *He wants me to replace the muffler belt, change the blinker fluid and adjust the power flow. *I hope someone here can help me , as he doesn't want to spend a lot of money. *Also, I have worked on my stuff...
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    Tire Sealant

    i know that in the past I have said many times how much I hate Slime as a tire sealant, but for those of you who are constantly puncturing tires this product might be of interest to you. We have been using it for a while and it seems to be working very well. Still not looking forward to the...
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    Website change?

    Has anyone just experienced a change in how the website looks. In the past hour the entire top of the site has lost the ads and everything is being pushed to the left side. Really have to look to find the normal headers.
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    Kubota XB-1D

    Looking for a parts breakdown for a Kubota MiniTractor model XB-1D. Built for the European Market, but I have one in the shop to repair.
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    Need the correct belt

    I am working on a 1973-1975 John Deere tractor and cannot locate the correct deck drive belt. John Deere tractor numbers (C300D---030562M), and deck numbers (HO48L---470385M). I have two belts in hand, one is too short and the other too long. M45254 is 86.3" and M82718 is 90.3". I am...
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    Now I need help

    I have a craftsman tractor, model number 917.257080. It has an Onan engine on it, model number [B]N52M-GA 0199/34114 serial number L773300897. [B] For some reason I cannot locate a part number for a carb kit. Thanks for your help, Rivets
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    E-mail Notification

    i bring it up again, when are the administrators of this forum going to address the problem with the instant E-mail notification. I have set up my account multiple ways, but never receive any notices that I have a PM or relpy to a thread. For those of us trying to help people, but don't have...