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    Ch18 throttle /governor lever assembly

    This manual might be of some help. Check sec #5 figure 5-11 And sec 11 starting with figures 11-77. Post back if you need more help and I’ll see if I can do so...
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    Any one ever had problems with 48'' Husqvarna older model broke 3 deck belts with in 2hrs.has two new spindells .

    Also post the unit model and serial numbers so we can see which unit you have.
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    Cheaper blades for ZT2 60 in.

    Superseded number 742P05620, did a quick google search and the cheapest I’ve found is about $27.00 each.
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    Cub Cadet clutch issue?!

    Unplug the PTO plug and check to see if you have 12+ VDC at the plug. This will tell you if your clutch is bad or you have an electrical problem.
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    Hidden Speed Control Lever R7271

    That is the way those old F100 series engine were built and is normal. The lever is call a speed control lever, but is just use to set an idle or governed top speed. They call it light or normal in the manual I’ve attached. Most people just leave it set to normal and have no reason to change...
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    SS5060 aftermarket deck

    That is a Toro Z-turn deck, but it is the right one for your unit I can’t tell because I’m not there. Maybe this manual will help you out.
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    Mower deck gets packed with grass - Cub Cadet XT1 (LT50) - Please help!

    Most often when you see clumping, it is the result of trying to cut too much at a time. The rule most of us use is never remove more than 1/3 of the grass height at a time.
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    About gear box Peerles-HMST-206-565

    I understand. This might help you out. I’ve seen guys who cannot get pads go to the big semi repair shops and get a piece of brake pad. They would them cut their own pads and in a pinch this seems to work.
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    Mower buzzed after switched off and now tried to start if battery is connected

    As I said in my previous reply, solenoid.
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    About gear box Peerles-HMST-206-565

    Just went out and measured the thickness of a nearly new set of pads. Thickness is .380”. Tecumseh part number 799021A, cost about $8.00. Hope you still have the thin shim which rides against the two pins to keep the pad from breaking.
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    Selling Husqvarna YTH22V46

    In this part of the country I’d be asking about $750-800, depending on condition. Remember good condition to you might be fair in one area and great in another.
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    Mower deck gets packed with grass - Cub Cadet XT1 (LT50) - Please help!

    I have more questions than answers at this time, as I’m standing next you with a strong drink in my hand to see your problem. Each question I ask may be or contribute to your problem. First, are you discharging or mulching? Mulching normally does lead to buildup. Second, you say you are...
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    1027 Yard Bug No Spark

    Today’s coils, even those from twenty years ago, cannot be tested with an Ohm meter. With the symptoms you described, I suspect your coil has failed and I would be replacing it.
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    PowerSmart DB8621SR service guide needed

    Don’t know if you have this manual, so I’ve attached it to the end of this post. Service manuals for these cheap units are nonexistent and techs must use past experience as to how to repair them. Parts are available if you do a little web searching. I suspect your problem is a bad drive belt...
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    Grass is getting taller.

    Parm, we are not standing next to you with a strong drink in our hand to see what you are talking about. Most of us are at least 1000 miles away so you must paint us the best picture you can to help us help you. Tell us exactly what is happening, how long this problem has been going on, did it...
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    Belt guard

    Two different decks are available for that unit. A 42” deck has no cover over the pulley by the discharge chute. A 48” deck has covers over the two outside pulleys, but none on the center pulley. Noticed that you have posted this same thread twice, please delete the other one as it will get...
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    Dad's Toro 20332 won't back up.

    At 9 years old, the adapter could easily be worn. Part number 106-3987, about $20.00.
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    Mower buzzed after switched off and now tried to start if battery is connected

    I’m thinking your solenoid is stuck in the start position, engaging the starter. Disconnect the large cable going to the starter at the solenoid. Reconnect the battery cable and see if the buzzing is still there. No buzzing, you found your problem.
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    Newbie here

    Are you sure it is a Kawasaki engine. From what I can find it is a Toro engineered engine built by Loncin. Does it look like the one in this service manual for your unit?
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    Newbie here

    Please post the units serial number, we should be able to get your engine numbers.