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    i have a tory wheel horse, the wiring burnt up, and i want to rewire it, can sombody send me a drawing, simple wiring of just the starter coil and solenooid to switch, no safty switches.
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    won't turn over

    i have a toro rear engine mower, and it won;t do anything by turning the key, i can pull the wire off the coil and jump it direct to the starter.and it will run, or i can jump the solinoid and it will start but not the the key. could it be the solinoid or some thing in the wiring.
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    spring rewinder

    anybody know where i can find a recoil spring rewinder tool for 2cycle , i had one but i can;t find it.
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    ball joint

    can you repair a ball joint on a lt180 mower the steering ball joint keeps popping out. i have it taped on now but is there any way i can fix it, they want 30.00 fo a new one.
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    I have a john deere tractor with a leaf vac on it and the motor is blown, 5 hp kawasaki fa2100 all it has on it is powerpack fa2100. i looked for another motor but i can;t find anything on it. the motor is on the leaf vac. any body know where i can get one.
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    ing. switch

    i don't know what mower this came off of the guy said there were no name on it. but the number on the switch is 3497644, i can't find one. is there a replacement for it.
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    no fuel

    i have a kawi. motor, i pulled the fuel pump and the plunger won't move when i turn it over. also it won't start on spaying starter fluid in carb.i know you will want the numbers on it but i can't find any/ its off a john deer mower and its water cooled.
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    i have a toro 71184 ssn. 5913447 and on the deck it has a bell crank, i can't find a good diagram of how the inghage cable goes from the handle to the bell crank. there are two plastic pulleys. i must not have the cable on right because there i a lot of slack in the cable after i disingage the...
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    ryobi string trimmer ry34440 won;t start

    ibought a brand new carb for it and it still won't start. put my finger over plyg hole. and it has comp. i tried adj the carb. started at 1and a eighth turn, nothing. it seems the plug is not wet. so iam lost. ANY SUG.
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    have a 10523 6905547 lawnboy,anybody know where i can get a carb 94-5738 for it, i looked everywhere.
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    carb install problem.

    i have a 5hp horz. briggs, and it needs a new carb, one of the legs broke off and i can't bolt it back on the motor. my problem is putting it back together. there are so many linkage and iam not sure where they go. is there a diagram fhat shows where they go, i downlowed a diagram but it just...
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    throtle control plate

    I have a 8hp briggs vert. engine and i can't find a throtle control plate anywhere, ebay, parts tree. does any one know where you can still get one. its mdl# 1707-1515-01 code # 88011610 thanks.
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    Repairs STX38 SHIFTING PROB.

    I have a stx38 black deck, and i put a new drive belt on and it runs fine but now iam having trouble shifting gears., i have the brake in the whole way but it seems like its not enough. is there ans adjustment, all it does is put slack in the belt right!
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    LT1022 DECK

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    11hp vert. briggs engine problem

    i have a 11hp briggs vert. engine old type with the solid type carb the number is 252707 0660-01 and where you have the control plate for the throtle and choke. One of the small holes that hold the plate on is stripped. do you think jb weld will hold new threads.
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    electric start

    I have a snapper rear engine rider wit a 8 hp briggs pull start on it and i want to convert it to a electric start. i need a electric flywheel but they are no longer avable, they do have the ring gear, they say bolts on the bottom of my org. flywheel. but dosen;t it have to have magnets in it...
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    gt 1100 won;t start

    it seems like it is getting fuel throu the carb but the plug is bone dry, and when i put the ing. checker on i get fire to the plug but not through it i tried several plugs. i think its because the head is alum. and can;t get a good groound. ius there any other way to check the fire.
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    awd mower drive problem

    i have a husqvarna AWD 96145001101, 111913m003146, i hit a baseball in the yard, and it broke all the plastic at the rear drive. including the cable. i replace everything, but for the life of me i can;t see where the drive cable hooks to the rear drive.there is a hole in the belt guide but it...
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    GT2000 won;t start

    just bought a new carb from china, the primer baulb fills up but no fuel goes into the motor, do you think that its just junk , or is there a fix.
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    tecumesh 2 cycle surging

    i have a 2 cycle engine on a toro snow blower,and it just surges, i tried a new carb but it does the same thing. there is something on the shrould that looks like a condenser any ideas.