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  • Reynoldston, I just read a post that you have not seen many problems with ethanol in your area. Here in Wisconsin the last two years have gotten very bad with water corrosion in the carbs. This is esspecially true with engines standing unused for more than thirty days. Problems include, metal corrosion in the float bowl, tar, varnish and gum, rubber tipped needles swelling etc. The only solutions we have come up with for our customers is to use high octane ethanol free fuel or the fuel additive SeaFoam. Opti2 oil additive for our two cycle users has also helped. Snowblowers and generators are the worst. I have also seen a lot of breakdown of all types of rubber products. I enjoy reading your posts, because you give good short real life answers which come from real life problems, not like many who are garage experts. Keep it up. Rivets
    Hey Reynoldston,

    If I could ask, why keep away from the Kawasaki engine? I have had one in my JD LTR180, and while everything on my LTR180 seems to be a nightmare, I thought the Kawasaki engine was my only positive experience with this mower. I am currently in the market for a new mower and I was planning on a Kawasaki engine, but I could be convinced to give something else a good look at, I have heard the B&S Endurance engine is a good performer if your thinking long term. I could be talked into something else what engine would you recommend?

    Thanks Brad
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