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  • Hi Kenny,

    It seems like you're an expert about mowers and I could really use your help with an online discussion board. I work for a market research company in Detroit and we're rewarding a few participants with $100 if they are willing to share their opinions about lawn mowing, their decision making process, etc.

    If you're interested, shoot me an email at martecresearch@gmail.com.


    Hello Kenny
    I really appreciated your help with my T1770 vent problem, and would like to be your friend, for any needed help in the future.
    Thanks for your response to my Introductory Post.
    I have not used THE JD for so long, that I cant recall (after getting above 70, my memory is not what it used to be), how it might compare with the 07 Kubota I now have.
    It seems almost all Mowers as the get old can display some problems. I do recall on the JD LX188, I had some coolant leaks and had to have the radiator worked on.

    Now seems my Kubota has different kind of ailments.

    Kenny, in that it sure looks like your a Senior Forum Member, I would like to ask you a question about whether my Model Kubota, did not sell well in that I did a search under
    Kubota Model TI 1770 and nothing came up?

    Maybe I was in the wrong section of the main forum?

    I was hoping that I might find someone else with that year 2007 or the Model?

    Thanks for any help u can offer.
    jamesemu (Jim) in Chicago Park, CA
    Hey Kenny,

    I actually just moved and there is a guy down the street that works on mowers, so he adjust it right up. He kind of even taught me how to do it for next time. Thank you!
    Hi Kenny,

    Do you have a moment? I just posted an update with some additional information ....something is still wrong with the solenoid issue.. sorry to be a bother
    Hey Kenny,
    I was just wandering if have the knowledge about how to adjust a walbro carb. It has a mix screw and an idle screw. The jet is non-adjustable. Let me know. Thanks!
    Ive been catching the forum on & off for the last couple days... but yes I replied a couple times to his thread ... you guys have covered most everything I could thing of.. he has a good video ....
    His mechanical timing sounds to be properly set up... I'm wondering if there is not a way to change the electrical (coil) timing, phasing by reversing the wires that plug into the coil...
    I can't help but think he may have a combination of 2 or more things that are just a 'little' off...I hope he tries the starting fluid sprayed into the intake while spinning the engine, just to see if there is ANY difference... Kenny
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