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    Educate me on 2 cycle oil please

    Talking about paying $50 a gallon for 2 cycle oil and thinking that is too much and you are paying $66.60 a gallon for it now.
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    17AFCACT010 Hydro

    PT every once in a while I throw something out there and it sticks. Glad I could be of assistance.
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    17AFCACT010 Hydro

    PT it looks like the parking brakes are a cog type located toward the center of the mower. The levers pushed inward should move a tooth type strap to release the cog disc. If that doesn't release it won't move. the clicking was probably one of the brakes slipping or not totally released and...
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    17AFCACT010 Hydro

    Some of those units have parking brakes on them. Is the brake releasing on that hydro.
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    Kohler Command CV15S-41562; Voltage regulator and ground wire made contact and something blew

    The circled area in your picture could be the fusible link and if so will blow like a fuse and you won't have power past that point. I would replace were the two wires connect with a fuse and then connect the other side of the fuse to the Battery side of the starter solenoid.
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    Kohler Command CV15S-41562; Voltage regulator and ground wire made contact and something blew

    Diagram shows a fusible link not a true fuse The link would need to be removed and replaced with a true fuse holder and fuse.
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    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    I am basically doing the same thing and reducing inventory. Carry the common filters and such. Also do word of mouth advertising and business cards. In my 22 years of business I have got caught with the McCulloch, Tecumseh, Murray, and now the Briggs bankruptcy.
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    Kohler Command CV15S-41562; Voltage regulator and ground wire made contact and something blew

    has anybody checked to see if the fuse blew from the resulting short.
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    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    And you have to watch the fast moving inventory sometimes because it can go from fast moving to non moving in one season.
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    Briggs & Stratton files chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    Actually Bert Briggs does have EFI a 28, 37 and 40 in a vertical shaft and a 37 and 40 in horizontal in their Vanguard engine line. And I agree with your assessment of the future of Briggs, but I am not sure they have 10 years.
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    Loss of Right Side Steering

    Check the drive belt for the right drive. Some mowers have a separate belt for each drive.
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    Great conversation piece

    I have a 1954 Wright reciprocating saw, It has the 20 inch wood saw blade but they also made a bone blade replacement for it also.
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    kohler command pro 23hp runs rough

    Could also be the possibility of the float valve not sealing and the fuel pump is overfilling the carb when running, spitting out the extra fuel.
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    Cracked shaft on flywheel

    Most common is use of a steel key instead of the aluminum key on Briggs, Could of also been cause from the flywheel over torqued causing cracks to form in the taper.
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    kohler command pro 23hp runs rough

    Is there a chance that the fuel solenoid on the carb isn't opening. On Kohler carbs the solenoid shuts off the high speed main jet but not the idle circuit jet.
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    Generac portable generator will not start

    Wouldn't happen to have that little wasp that likes to plug outlet holes in muffler do you.
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    Leaking shaft seal on Courage 20 vert. shaft

    If you can access it from the bottom side without removing the engine then you can change it without removing the engine.
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    Kohler CV15-41562 Oil Leak

    I always install the crank seal after installing the oil pan. Easier to control and protect the surfaces from getting cut.
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    Common Mistakes Made By Amateur Repair People

    I don't know if this was an amateur or just an educated idiot. Got a JD 335 in with the fuses on the interlock circuit board mounted next to the battery. The two spade type fuses are soldered into the fused holder terminals on this $158 interlock module board. Also have to have the $58...
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    Pony Riding Mower Fuel Solenoid: Bench Test - Works, Installed - Doesn't work.

    Seattle, I agree about using the equipment battery for testing, but the 9 volt battery test is mentioned in some service manuals, Briggs is one of them.
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    Maintaining mower control cables

    See above additions to the quote
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    Pony Riding Mower Fuel Solenoid: Bench Test - Works, Installed - Doesn't work.

    Dan correct Most likely to the A terminal or something similar on the switch. You can take a volt meter or even a test light and connect between the two solenoid wires and turn the key on and see if you have voltage or the light comes on. If not then move the black/negative wire to a good...
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    help with model number

    See how close this is to what you are looking for
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    Pony Riding Mower Fuel Solenoid: Bench Test - Works, Installed - Doesn't work.

    Either don't have 12 volts to the solenoid or the solenoid grounding wire not connected properly.
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    Kohler CV15-41562 Oil Leak

    The idea is to make sure the surfaces are clean of all oil type residues. So the acetone should work to make sure they are clean and not contaminated. It doesn't take much oil to turn this into a repeat job. One of those green scrub pads would also work
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    2017 3200 with 32hp vanguard clutch/motor issue

    Look up the part number of the clutch on your mower and then check out this company. Also certain dealers around the country also have access to their clutches.
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    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    Star I have had an carb to air filter boot on backorder for an Arctic Cat since May Holding up billing for the carb rebuild, oil and filter change, new air filter, and the two CV boots that got replaced. As far as lawn equipment I have seen fewer pieces but with bigger repairs. But my business...
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    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    I think it is strange how some lawn mower shops have seen sales and service drop as much as 50 % and other are seeing increases up to 30 % over last year. I am up about 10 % over last year, but the equipment I am seeing in the shop is different. Older riders pulled out of the back of barns...
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    Testing Spark Plugs Using An Ohmmeter

    Wisconsin 7 hp engine with magneto ignition
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    2017 3200 with 32hp vanguard clutch/motor issue

    A bearing in the clutch could of seized. May need to remove the deck belt and clutch and then try to turn the engine.
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    Testing Spark Plugs Using An Ohmmeter

    Had an engine years ago that you would only do that once. You grab the plug wire and I will turn the flywheel very very slowly. Until it clicked and you got hit with a full magneto discharge.
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    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    Briggs problems started in 2017 with the consolidation of all the distribution into one company, and then having parts availability issues to their dealers with extended backorders that lasted 12-18 months but they claimed was due to an upgrade in computer systems that needed ironed out and they...
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    Testing Spark Plugs Using An Ohmmeter

    That was also my thought, but that styrofoam packing box that Champion shop packs come in would of had some serious damage.
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    Testing Spark Plugs Using An Ohmmeter

    Appeared to fail open. Install plug, start engine, and within 3-10 engine would die. Check for fire and find none, replace plug and repeat. Spring tune up period so customer would return mower saying it just died. Multiple engines over a few week period.
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    From a 4 to a 3.

    PT when you think you have a good handle on things something new will pop up and give you a swift kick in the seat. Wait until you have a step by step ignition diagnostics flow chart that fails to find the issue why you have no spark at the spark plug. And the solution is a faulty voltage...
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    Testing Spark Plugs Using An Ohmmeter

    Had a 24 plug shop pack of J19LM that all failed within 10 minutes of first run after installation
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    Testing Spark Plugs Using An Ohmmeter

    Seattle. All the inline spark testers will show false positives in some cases. Also grounding the plug and seeing spark doesn't mean that the plug is firing under compression or in some cases the spark will jump from the center electrode to the side of the plug instead just jumping the gap...
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    Testing Spark Plugs Using An Ohmmeter

    It is a time issue. It cost the same labor wise to install a new plug as opposed to the old plug. Just put a spark tester on a engine this morning and the tester said the plug was firing. Pulled the plug and it was wet. Installed new plug and it fired right up. Would crank all day long with...
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    Need help with 28hp B&S

    Intake air leaking allowing bypass air when the engine is hot warping the manifold.
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    fuel line configuration issue for Poulan BVM200VS

    The smaller line has the filter which is also the line that supplies fuel when running. The fuel is drawn through the small line into the carb,then a line from the carb to the primer and then from the primer back into the tank which is the larger line. the fitting really isn't needed, more to...
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    Honda 160cc on rusted troy built deck, moved motor to Toro Personal pace now the blade is below bottom of deck is there an adapter?

    Sounds like the Toro has what we refer to as a short shaft and the Honda has the long shaft or what would be a normal full length shaft.
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    Common Mistakes Made By Amateur Repair People

    Diagnostics code on the invoice is Operator Headspace and Timing.
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    Testing Spark Plugs Using An Ohmmeter

    I think you are misinterpreting what Rivets said. He just replaced the plug like most techs and the reasoning is because it is the cheapest route. Remove and reinstall tested plug $7 and another $7 for diagnostics of the plug so $14 for this scenerio Remove and reinstall plug $7 new plug $3...
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    Spark Advance Module on Kohler CV16S

    Your problem sounds like fuel starvation. Problem could be in the carb,
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    Kohler CV15-41562 Oil Leak

    Once the RTV sealant breaks its bond on the parts is doesn't reseal.
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    XOne runs fine. Shuts off if anything is engaged.

    Most likely something to do with the seat switch circuitry. Either a faulty seat switch, the wiring to it, a relay in that system.
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    Common Mistakes Made By Amateur Repair People

    Also don't go disassembling things that you don't know how to put back together. Received a 5 hp briggs years ago in a cardboard box that had been totally taken apart including removing the piston and crankshaft. Had to reassemble the engine to determine what was wrong with it. After getting...
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    Why do ride on mowers have a 20 amp fuse ?

    If it works then leave it . If it becomes a problem at a later time then change it.
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    Why do ride on mowers have a 20 amp fuse ?

    I think he is getting at some charging systems are wired through the key switch and charge the battery back through that fuse. If the battery is demanding(not really the correct word) more amps than the fuse can pass could blow the fuse.
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    Looks Briggs is going to file Charter 11

    100 miles would of covered the entire center of Illinois and part of Indiana
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    Looks Briggs is going to file Charter 11

    Actually that is incorrect, the court ruling says that there cannot be a Burger King restaurant within 20 miles, Ate there while going to college. Really only effects two towns. both college towns. Mattoon with Lake Land College and Charleston with Eastern Illinois University. Few other...
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    Looks Briggs is going to file Charter 11

    Look at the bright side, The spring stockup program starts in August this year instead of October or November like normal. Trying to stick their dealers with extra parts so they don;t have as much on hand for the bankrupcy.
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    Looks Briggs is going to file Charter 11

    Just checked the Walmart website for murray and Snapper mowers. The Snapper riders are coming back with Husqvarna model numbers and the push mowers are coming back with MTD, Husqvarna and a third party model number which could be Pulsar. Don't recognize some of the model numbers for the Murray...
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    Looks Briggs is going to file Charter 11

    Briggs has farmed out so much of the power equipment production now where the only thing they make are the engines. Murray and Snapper by Walmart are MTD products. The Brute edgers and tillers are earthquake, and the push mowers are pulsar.
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    Kohler and Honda both have resistance reading for their modules, I am not sure about all but some.
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    Electrical Issues no juice to start

    Thanks for letting us know what the issue was. Time to install cat it appears.
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    Electrical Issues no juice to start

    11.7 volts is low for the battery, should be closer to 12.5-12.7. What voltage do you get if you test the battery while trying to start. Does it drop any at all or drop to 0 volts indicating a bad battery.
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    break dont work

    And what kind of elephant is this. Without knowing what mower with model number you have we don't know which one of the thousands of mowers you have.
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    Husqvarna YTH2348 PTO stopped working while mowing, now no power to the hour meter or anything

    Broken wires or corroded terminals. Loose connection at the fuse can also cause issues.
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    Husqvarna YTH2348 PTO stopped working while mowing, now no power to the hour meter or anything

    So you are only reading millivolts at the key switch is that correct. If so there is a problem between the fuse and the B terminal on the key switch.
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    PP5020AV paw spring

    PT is has been my experience with those starters when the hub spring gets overtighted as in your case it also damaged some other component. Either the hub, the main rope pulley or the center nose on the starter housing is warped. I would also bet that if you took the hub spring out and put the...
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    Husqvarna YTH2348 PTO stopped working while mowing, now no power to the hour meter or anything

    Have you checked the fuse. Should have power to the B terminal on the key switch since in should go directly from the starter solenoid battery side through a fuse directly to the key switch.
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    MTD Tractor Stopped While Mowing, Now Won't Start

    Yes the gas goes into the hole under the air filter that attaches to the carb. Basically we are bypassing the carb to see if you are having fuel delivery issues. Clogged carb jets, or fuel solenoid will prevent starting so the added fuel is a quick check to determine if you have a carb...
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    Briggs doesn't supply electrical information for their coils, and certain test meters can actually damage the coil. The normal procedure is unplug the kill wire from the module with a known good plug and and crank the engine no spark replace the ignition module/coil
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    Cranks once then stops.

    Different mowers have different issues so please supply us with the model number of both the mower and the engine so we know what possible issue you could have.
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    MTD Tractor Stopped While Mowing, Now Won't Start

    Try dumping a small amount of gas into the carb after removing the air filter. Also when was the last time the spark plug was replaced. Sometimes spark plugs can do weird things. If it starts and dies then most likely it is a carb problem, or fuel solenoid on the carb not working.
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    craftsman riding mower 917.276600 deck brakes not even.

    I am assuming that the leading edge of the brake material is making contact with the side of the pulley. If that is true then stop overthinking it,..Before you have full brake material contact it will wear through the brake material and the backing metal plate before it makes full contact.
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    Flywheel and ring gear

    The problem may be the metal gear on the starter is not compatible with the plastic flywheel ring gear. Should be using the nylon/plastic starter gear.
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    MTD Tractor Stopped While Mowing, Now Won't Start

    Lets start with the model number of the lawnmower and also the model number of the engine so we can see what is giving your fits.
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    Spark Plug Wire: Remove When Cleaning ?

    I don't worry about the spark plug wire. the older briggs engines required 600 rpm to fire the plug, the new ones 250-300 rpm so the newer engines would be easier to start that way then the old engines. I have never heard of it actually starting while somebody was working under the deck.
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    Replacing LTX 1045 Steering Shaft

    Penetrating oil, punch, and a big hammer. If that shaft has the steering gear on the bottom it may have to come out from underneath after removing the steering wheel from the shaft.
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    KOHLER 19 SV590S Surging

    More specifically an idle circuit jet or passage obstruction
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    May be a dumb question, but...

    looks like 055-186 is an actual Kohler OEM valve cover with gasket, 475-006 is the stens aftermarket version of the gasket and 055-620 is the actual OEM Kohler gasket.
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    Old gem

    Very common for the entry level mowers to not have anti scalp wheels. Even new ones today come without anti scalp wheels in some cases.
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    GCV160 or 190 governor oil leak

    The answer is possibly slip back in. there are a few engines that can drop the shaft into the engine if you loose control of it. I think some of the older Kohlers, and Briggs were that way with the shaft coming out of the top of the block.
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    John Deere L110 Automatic —Governor

    You turn the governor shaft in the same direction that the shaft rotates when the throttle is moved from idle to full speed. that could be clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the engine.
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    B&S 17.5 hp opppsed twin valve seat???

    Had one like that years ago. Put JB weld around the seat area to use as space filler and then inserted the seat and let the valve pressure hold it in place until the JB cured, and then staked the seat in place.
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    A web page is slowing down your browser

    had to wait about 30 seconds before it would let me click to start typing this message. Also have to wait up to a minute when I hit the back button to click the next thread, and then another 30-45 seconds to load the next page after clicking that link.
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    GCV160 or 190 governor oil leak

    If everything is working properly the crankcase should be operating under a vacuum therefore oil won't leak around the governor shaft. Honda doesn't install a seal there because since the shaft is above the oil level and everything is operating properly it won't leak. Other engine...
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    Super LT1554 D54" Deck height adjusting questions

    I suspect it is a combination of wear in the front axle causing it to set lower in the frame than when new. The deck lift cables are stretched or off their rollers, wear in the lift linkages and in some cases over time the frame will actually sag all causing the deck to set lower than when new...
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    A web page is slowing down your browser

    I was getting it on the Rural King page and another forum yesterday. Forum pages wouldn't load completely, and the Rural King page would load the header part of the page and then just spin and spin.
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    GCV160 or 190 governor oil leak

    Here is what i am getting at. in the following picture of the GCV160-190 dipstick the skip line across the dipstick about an inch from the bottom is the full mark. When that engine is full of oil the oil level is below the governor shaft. There is no reason for the oil to leak around the...
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    Briggs and Stratton 675 EX series 190cc-will not start

    When you turn the engine over do the valves open and close properly
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    GCV160 or 190 governor oil leak

    It has been my experience with those engines that the oil leaks around the shaft when the engine is overfilled with oil. Most people fill the oil up to the top of the threads but in reality the proper oil level is lower as marked on the dipstick.
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    Picked up some water maybe
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    Are these blades shot or salvageable?

    Several years ago had a customer with a JD LX176 that over time the sand actually cut the bottom inch of his deck off.
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    1982 5hp, spark plug very wet and black, engine popping

    Something else to consider is that engine is old enough to have issues with valve sealing. Over time the valve face and seat wear and cause issues with floating valves because you loose your valve clearances.
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    Fuel filter paper vs screen

    I ran the paper filters on all riders regardless of fuel flow type. Starting in 2012 with the vacuum vapor line on the top of the tank is when my customers started having running issues with low fuel tanks. Fuel just doesn't like to flow through the 40 micron paper filters when there is a...
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    Belt takes a few seconds to engage

    PT I think you will be fine with some grease on the shouldered washer pivot point. Gets a lot of grass buildup which in turn holds water and causes rust. So you choices are between dust collecting on the grease causing sanding grit or having the pivot arm rust and not move properly.
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    Fuel filter paper vs screen

    The red filter will allow small sand particles to pass which can and will prevent the float valve from sealing. the white filter works fine on gravity feed systems, and is standard equipment on several mowers with gravity feed.
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    Fuel filter paper vs screen

    May have good fuel flow with the paper filter with the engine not running, but when running below a 1/4 tank with the slight vacuum created by the fume recovery system can cause fuel flow issues to cause fuel starvation. Been there a done that. Used to use the 691035 filters on everything...
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    Belt takes a few seconds to engage

    Does the belt tension arm move freely or is it acting sticky. I don't think that even if the blade was the wrong cut angle, or was bottoming out in the pulley would take that long to get up to speed without a load on the blades. Slowing down while mowing possibly but not so much on start up.
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    Kohler CV26S temporarily losing power when hot

    About need to put a set of spark testers on the plug wires and a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel line, and see if you are loosing spark or fuel pressure.
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    Fuel filter paper vs screen

    I would say the paper filter is finer in this case. I won't use the red pancake filters due to the 150 micron stops logs and boulders only filtration. I use the white 75 micron pancake filters for gravity systems. and the 40 micron or finer paper filters for pump systems. With the new EPA...
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    mower sunk in pond!! How to get water out?

    It isn't so much the water at least in the engine because running it will dry out the water from the heat of the oil. Hydro's slightly different story the issue is the silt in the water that will cause long term permanent damage
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    well it stopped cutting

    Water getting on the belt in effect lubing the belt therefore slippage and not squeal.
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    Strange problem with Poulan PXT 12538 Riding

    Welcome, and thanks for letting us know that it is fixed.
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    A web page is slowing down your browser

    Waited about 30 seconds after clicking on new post to open this thread. About another 10 seconds to open this link,. another 20 seconds before it would let me start typing. I am showing 17 ads blocked.
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    mower sunk in pond!! How to get water out?

    Let the oil drain thoroughly and other than that you will have to change and run it. Make sure the hydro's are also water free,
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    Correct Belt Length on Murray 42in Tractor

    The Murray mowers are manufactured by MTD, and they require the use of OEM or OEM style belts due to the unique width and cut angle of their belts. There should be a model number tag under the seat that starts with 13 to look up parts.
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    Husqvarna Z554 Commercial Zero Turn

    Just a guess that it could be the float height is either too high or too low. Either not enough fuel and is starving or too high and pulling fuel through the bowl vent choking the engine. Something is that could be occurring is the engine is running on one cylinder all the time but you are...
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    Briggs pistons, chrome plated vs plain, visible difference?

    Sounds about right Walt. Can't run similar metals against each other. Aluminum on cast iron OK, not aluminum on aluminum.
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    Rtz50 pto issue

    If the electric pto clutch is the triangle shaped one with the spring and nut on each corner you can put a .012 feeler gauge between the two rotating disc and then turn the nuts to adjust the clearance. That may fix your issue if the clutch is getting worn.
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    Connecting rods require crank purchase

    Depending on how far down the piston skirt comes down when the crank rotates, it could be an issue with damaging the new piston and causing a repeat of the current issue.
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    Honda gcv190 mx8

    61 psi according to the Honda shop manual. Some versions have a compression of 71 psi And those are measured at cranking speed with the compression release activated.
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    Engine off, blade PTO pulley locked won't turn.

    Assuming electric pto, they have a brake on them that can make turning the pulley difficult. I don't know why it would of turned easier previously.