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  • Hi,

    I was doing some research on mowing for Safeguard and it sounded like you had some experience. I had a phone interview with them earlier this month. They wanted me to cover a huge zone, it was around 15 counties and 150+ live work orders. I told them that I couldn't cover it, but I would cover part of it. They said that first priority will go to someone that can cover the whole zone (I would be surprised if they find someone!). They will break the zone up if they can't find anyone and will call me at the end of them month.

    I was wondering how the pay works. Is it a set price for every yard under an acre? Like $40 a time as long as the grass is under a foot? Do they ever chip in for gas?


    My Name Is Michael.I Have a Snapper Comet RER.11 Horse Engine,pull behind trailer,bagger,and a small yard aerator.Engine has compression.Deck is solid,seat is good.I have no pics.Would like to get it running.Having spark issues.Coil could be bad,a wire could be broken.Not sure yet what is wrong.If you have any tips bout what is wrong would greatly appreciate some input or if interested in purchase please contact me @770 867 3348.That is a Winder Ga. # If no answer please leave message.Either wich way I would love to pick your brain. Thanx Mike Starley
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