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    HRR216 walk behind- hard to pull backwards

    More difficult to pull backwards is fairly normal. Wheels locking up and tearing up the yard when pulling backwards is not. You are correct that it’s a design flaw.
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    Has Honda fixed the rear wheel bushing problem on push mowers?

    I fought the bushings forever on my HRR216, stock it’d never go more than a few mows without locking up pulling backwards. I’m to report my HRX217 does NOT have this problem. I think the difference is the extra seal.
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    Honda mower issue

    Sounds like a blade brake issue. I’ve seen the little brake pad come off and do this on another brand before. I believe they usually brake the flywheel.
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    Brand new HRX217 takes multiple pulls to start when cold. Is this normal?

    I’ve noticed this with my HRX. My HRR216 with the GVC160 was always one pull but the HRX trends towards two pulls. I do run the carb out of fuel after every mow and noticed last time that turning the fuel back to on a few minutes (rather than seconds) before start allowed me a one pull start...
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    Honda HRR Models: Rear Wheels Locking Up When Pulling Backwards

    Im with you and I must say the HRX with the hydro drive seems way smoother and no issues pulling backwards. The HRN is supposed to have fixes too. If you’re willing to give it one last shot, you can try adding the dust seals to the wheel side of the adjuster. A lot of folks here are reporting...
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    Trickle charger for HRR216 model

    Why not just pull the rope? Hondas usually start pretty easy.
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    Honda GCV 160 Smart Drive Control Lever Stuck

    Typically it attaches to a cable which tilts the transmission and engages the belt. The transmission has a spring which pulls the cable back. Also your cable maybe rusted internally and not moving freely. You may need to Lube or replace it.
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    Honda HRR Models: Rear Wheels Locking Up When Pulling Backwards

    No problem at all. I wasn’t suggesting a new mower as the fix, just that I’ve been down this road a lot. The extra dust seal and new bushings ( since yours have probably been damaged already ) should be realy all you need. I was just sick of messing with mine, especially since on mine I was...
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    Honda HRR Models: Rear Wheels Locking Up When Pulling Backwards

    Its dust in the adjusters. It comes in around the wheel side and gear housing. The design is flawed. Clean them out again and glue / epoxy additional rubber dust seals to the wheel side too of the adjuster. You can also upgrade the bushings from plastic to oilite bronze. Do not use needle...
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    Can't Pull Mower Backwards - HRR216VLA to bearing conversion

    Thank you. The smart $$$ choice would probably be to just to have bought oil lite bearings but then I’d need another new transmission as the shaft wear is what caused the seal to come loose… and well I was just done. I knew it wasn’t right this morning when it stuck pulling backwards to go mow...
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    GCV160 engine boggs down when...

    Have you checked the auto choke? Some bogging when cold is somewhat normal. Once warmed up the choke should open automatically and it shouldn’t happen.
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    Can't Pull Mower Backwards - HRR216VLA to bearing conversion

    Nah. I would have but my local Ace was sold out of all the HRN models and I really wanted the vya with the blade clutch so I can idle the engine after mowing to empty the carb while I run the blower. The vya specifically is somewhat hard to find. My Ace had the hrx with hydro trans and blade...
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    Can't Pull Mower Backwards - HRR216VLA to bearing conversion

    Alright guys. Well… I’m out. Freaking dust seal came off on mine and I’m 100% over messing with it. Picked up a shiny new hrx217hya this afternoon.
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    No oil change?

    I truly wonder if more is spilled because of changes or because the oil sludged up and sent a rod through the block.
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    Rear belt guard on Honda HRR216K9VKA is not like video

    I’d clean the bushings where the drive shaft comes through first… The belts last a really long time normally… the bushings not so much.