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    intek 20HP 31p977 0575 E1

    I use an air hammer or chisel if you like An Allan headed cap bolt goes into the end of the crank to protect the crank Then some leverage is applied to the crankshaft. If the engine is out then the engine gets turned upside down and supported by the pulley while I hammer on the end of the crank...
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    Thor by Jet-Fast model B22

    pop over to vintage mowers and let them know you have it & you want to sell it. Also Outdoor King there are a good few collectors that lurk there as well. The Deutscher would be a bit of a collectors item as well.
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    Thor by Jet-Fast model B22

    If that is an Australian Jet-Fast then they are collectors item Jet-Fast was a trading name of Bragg Industries Latter the be picked up by Super Swift after Vulcan Industries sold their mower division. Last know owner was AllMowers a now defunct company. With a CV engine it would date from the...
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    Cheap belts stretch, quality kevlar ones do not stretch. Having said that cheap belts also wear very quickly so they get thin & go loose, even if they are kevlar belts. Most mower shopd will hae a range of quality aftermarket belts that are as good as the originals. Howevr if you shop wher...
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    100 series Fender decks are they interchangeable?

    Well enjoy yourself and don't forget the finished mower photos
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    Educate me on 2 cycle oil please

    40:1 with any modern 2 stroke oik will be fine. The instructions were a con to get you to buy their oil
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    Ferris isx 800

    Ferris is made by Briggs who just filed a chapter 11 so have a good look around, you might find some real cheap fire sale ones very soon.
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    Toro Super Recycler Model 20472 Leaking Oil Under Deck

    Pull the dipstick out & check if the oil level is high or low and then smell it . see if itsmells of fuel and finally rub your fingers in it , see if it feels thin. Let us know what you find.
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    Bad Boy deck vibration

    did you check the balance of the blades before you fitted them ?
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    Bad Boy Parts Online

    Firstly I am not a dealer nor do I hold any franchises. However I have seen a lot of potentially dangerous sold on Amazon & Evil Bay Things like a stack of blades that were plain carbon steel and wore out in no time flat. Even more dangerous some that were high carbon steel ( lke cheap taps &...
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    Kawasaki 22hp vtwin

    AFAIK the short block for FS is the same as the FR The actual castings are the same although I think ( too lazy to check ) the FX has a different crank I have swapped a lot of FR's for FX's and then transferred all of the good gear off the FX onto the FR with no problems everything just bolted...
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    rtz 50 spindle bent?

    flip the belt off & spin the baldes a bent spindle will show as the blade wabbleing as it rotates because like a bent blade, one side will always be high & the opposite will always be low so they will alternate as it spins A broken mandrel housing or bent deck the blade will spin out of...
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    Craftsman Mowers Engine Swap YZt3000/LT1000 Few Questions.

    Hydros gobble up power just the same as early automatics ripped 1/3 of the Hp from car engines. Vari drives gobble up substantially less and manual gearboxes less again Back in the manual days 8 / 30's were the norm and that would be 11 / 42 for the most popular deck size now days . But for the...
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    Scag Tiger Cat weak side

    For some reason that I can not fathom, left side hydros tend to overheat more than right side. They also seem to get dirtier. On a few I have moved the idler spring to make the belt tighter and another I fitted a bigger idler to get more contact on the left pulley. Because the engin e spins...
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    hydro tranny are there any differences

    There is no such thing as a linkage that can not be made to work. I once fitted a RER tranny into tractor because the pensioner could not afford the proper replacement & I inherited a dozen new trannys with the business. Lots of bell cranks & cables . It just depends on the competency of the...
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    Kohler CV15-41562 Oil Leak

    Sorry, got the models mixed up The answer is yes always as the threads tend to pull and make a small mound that prevents the cover sitting flat. As for a gasket, the factory uses silicon to cut costs making the engine. They are not concerned about how long it takes to check the valve lash and...
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    intek 20HP 31p977 0575 E1

    What Hammer forgoy was put a pry bar behind the pulley apply force to lever the pulley off then use the air hammer
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    Craftsman Mowers Engine Swap YZt3000/LT1000 Few Questions.

    You will be fine. Worst case is you will have to drive a little slower cutting 3' long wet grass going up hills towing a yard of firewood
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    Kohler CV15-41562 Oil Leak

    Do yourself a favour with the valve lash. Get a drill bit about 3 sizes up from the rocker cover bolts and put a slight countersink on all of the holes Then get a new rocker cover gasket and put axle grease on both sides so it will strip off clean Then do up the cover bolts till the cover just...
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    Lawn Boy 10515 Residue in Gas Tank

    I use a caustic type degreaser. A bit rough on the fingers and some old rusty nuts & bolts which usually come out clean as well.
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    Simplicity Broadmoor 1693840 steering

    Tar Rivets and Raskie, that tube should be fixed rigid as it is bolted down in 2 planes.
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    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    It is what works for you. I have no inventory system as such but everything has a place so I sort o use the impress system with no stock cards. The only thing I keep on file is belts and that is because I just can not remember all of the buggers. There is around 400 hiding downstairs. Airfilters...
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    Troy Bilt Bronco lawn tractor won't turn over or click

    check for power on the B terminal of the key switch . Jump from the battery cable on the solenoid to the trigger wire. Should trip the solenoid & crank the engine.
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    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    Stens have their warehouse in Melbourne , 550 miles away so it is supposedly overnight to a Sydney 3PL then another day to me In reality it is 1 day to Sydney then 2 days to me RGS have main warehouse in Brisbane 570 miles away so the same story. Speed limit is 80 mph & max 4 hrs behind the...
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    Simplicity Broadmoor 1693840 steering

    As Rivets already mentioned the tube holds the steering shaft in place. It is a dicky system as there should be a bush top & bottom or the tube should have a grease nipple to prevent the bottom of the tube being flogged out oval. Oddly enough the tube which bolts on does not have a part number...
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    Husqavana GTH 2754 deck adjustment issues

    It happens because the action of the belt , or rather the reaction to the belt rotates the deck clockwise and the combined wear allows enough twist to occur that the deck falls off the pin. Now is this your deck ? If so is the spring # 38 there and is it in good condition ? The spring goes on...
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    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    And here in lies the big difference in service times. I walk into the shop pull the part off the shelf & fit it then when I go upstairs for a cuppa I check the price on a major on line retailer and invoice my customer slightly less, Then if I am not sure I check the scheduled hours and do the...
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    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    That is why I keep a big inventory but not a lot of each item, usually just 2 sets of each blade that my customers use and a few more for those that my contract customers use. Chain is always 200' rolls so I can price match, forget the premade loops . When Jackmax lost the Carlton franchise they...
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    intek 20HP 31p977 0575 E1

    If the rod is busted then the crank would be suspect. But you will not know till you strip it down So start tallying the potential cost crankshaft ? con rod Rings Gasket set pushrods Then look at the cost of a replacement. In the 20Hp range you are at the lower limit of commercial machines so...
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    Loss of Right Side Steering

    Yes But it will be a transmission part not a mower part so will need to come from who ever made the tranny.
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    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    They do not care. Walmart , Lowes , MTD , Toro & the like have their order books filled already. Remember Briggs & Stratton is a 50% partner in 2 of these factories that make push mower engines. The person who is grinning ear to ear is Xi Jinping who is seeing another peg in China's 50 year plan...
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    Can I gage raker teeth without a proper gage

    Done badly and the job can make the saw difficult to use and damage the bar A gauge is only a few dollars.
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    Reverse Problem with my new Gravely

    So send the dealer an email stating that this is not acceptable for a brand new mower and would constitute either a design fault or a componant fault . As such the mower is nether fit for purpose nor is as advertised and both of these are grounds for the mower to be replaced, exchanged or your...
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    B&S Engine swap need help!

    Install the engine as is It is just a cheaper specification and should work fine The fuel pump is not necessary but if you do fit it then also swap the carbs as some of the gravity feed ones will flood when getting fuel under pressure. The engine is not pressue feed so no oil filter is not a...
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    Kohler Command CV15S-41562; Voltage regulator and ground wire made contact and something blew

    A Fuseable link is nothing more than a wire that is lighter gauge than all of the rest of the loom so it melts before the other wires in the case of a dead short . It is better than a fuse because a momnetary heavy load will not blow it . You will need to replace the entire wire from the key...
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    Briggs & Stratton files chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    I stand corrected. Did not see any EFI in the OZ price lists. If they do the vertical intergration thing properly and set up as a direct competitor to MT & AYP for making 3rd party brands then they might get volumes back up and stat making profits from selling parts. But I doubt it as vertical...
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    Well that was stupid

    I like to go one further and ask the customer o demonstrate what problems they are having Get one o two a year whop will swear their mower was running fine & they just want a service when there is a big hole in the block with 1/2 the counterweight hanging out of it or a 4 stoke line trimer...
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    Difference between these frames?

    If there is a difference the Sears one will be thinner steel. When you are under them all day you notice things like thicker paint over thinner steel The hanger plate directly in front of you original crack needs a 3rd bolt positioned behind where your frame cracked to prevent flexing
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    Briggs & Stratton files chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    Note that KPS is negiotatng a new pay deal with the unions ie drastic pay cuts for workers , terminating health benefits and having a fiddle with the pension fund . So once again the workers will be done over like a dinner. They are going to close several factories, they will be the ones where...
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    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    My grandfather who was a good businessman always used to say " you don't survive standing on the field of honour by yourself facing an army of 1000 " Took me a long time to work out what he was saying but the same advice has served me well all my life. Every time I have started a business I...
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    100 series Fender decks are they interchangeable?

    If they both have fel tanks under the rear guard then they should interchange although you might need to tweak the fuel cap position or swap the tanks as well. This is a lot bigger job than you think it is going to be as the deck is held down at the front by the dash So just about everything...
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    Craftsman 143.666072

    The induced voltage in the coll will go 0 V to - xyz V to 0 V to +xyz V then 0 V with the coil one way Flipped over it will go 0 to + xyz V first then 0 & -xyz V then back to 0 again. It definately makes a difference to coils with chips but should not make a difference to point but it only...
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    Toro 4260 - Kawasaki FR651V acts like it's running out of fuel

    Actually no they don't work particularly well because the globe is white and really hard to see outdoors in strong sunlight. Rotary, Prime Line , Oregon & Stens all do a red globe tester with a lot longer wire so easier to fit.
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    Steel Weed Whacker

    There is a big difference between a line trimmer & a brushcutter You can run line on a brushcutter but usually running a blade on a line trimmer will kill it pretty quick. If you must do it then get one of the heads that runs a length of chain saw chain. There are a lot easier on the clutch &...
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    Reverse Problem with my new Gravely

    If you get no help from the dealer, who should not be allowed to sell toothbrushes then contact Gravely directly. The reason there is no factory fix could very well be because Gravely do not know about the problem. Before you contact Gravely send you dealer an email or two asking about what they...
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    Troy Bilt 42" with 17.5 Intek engine, leaking or blowing oil on right foot

    Engine turns clockwise which blows the cooling air to the right so no matte r where it is leaking from the oil ends up on your right foot . Take the blower housing and the cooling shroud off the engine then degrease it. Give it a good dusting of talcum powder and the leak will usually become...
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    18.5 hp B&S starts but no high rpms

    If it is still apart then take a shot of the governor mechanism Some of them can pop apart but apart from that I can not think of anything else right now
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    Craftsman 143.666072

    It should not make any difference because this system has points & not a Hall effect chip, but try flipping the coil over. Because this is avery old engine there is no reason to believe that the coil & flywheel are a matched set.
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    Walbro aftermarkets

    There is fits & will work OK and there is direct replacement. I never use the on line catalogue except for pricing .
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    Cracked shaft on flywheel

    Or some one hammering the wrong key into the slot . To answer the exact question, why it happened is because the boss was subjected to a higher tensile strength than the gray cast iron can cope with. What were the circumstances preceeding the breakage ?
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    bypass a seat switch

    Considering it is a revival of a 2 year old thread, why bother.
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    18.5 hp B&S starts but no high rpms

    OK so the governor is working. Starting to think you may have the cam timed wrong. I put a run of masking tape around the flywheel and mark TDC using the side of the coil , then rotate the engine marking the opening & closing points of each valve. This saves me splitting a case that did not need...
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    2006 Silver Eagle 50" Mower Deck Spindles

    There is so little profit in making mowers the only custom parts are generally castings ( because casting is the cheapest way of shaping metal ) & Belts . Everything else will be a standard part so it is just a matter of doing some detective work. Engineering supply companies can usually fathom...
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    Honda GV400 no spark

    The only thing to double check is you were supplied the correct coil . There are two of them. One is for points and the other has a Hall effect chip embeded in the coil . Did you get the parts from a quality pars supplier or dedicated mower shop, or off a dunny merchant on Amazon.
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    Actually most are drastically overpowered . I have a few 8Hp 32" cut ride ons that rocket through 8' tall reeds mixed in with lantanna and balckberries. If you have slopes then get a mower with a horizontal shaft engine or you will be replacing endless siezed con rods. The problem is now days...
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    Toro 4260 - Kawasaki FR651V acts like it's running out of fuel

    Spend a few dollars and buy a pair of red in line spark testers. Hook them up so you can see the glowing globe ( use zip ties ) then go mow. When the engiine starts to fail look at the testers. If the glow then flash and continue to do so till the engine just about stops they you are correct you...
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    Broken shaft on flywheel, JD D105.

    Metallurgically speaking , the tensile force encounters by the cast iron boss was higher than the very low tensile strength of the grey cast iron. As to why, well it is your mower, what were you doing at the time it broke ?
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    Kubota z125

    Try to turn the engine over by hand. The engine may be siezed The flywheel may have come loose so the starter is spinning the flywheel but it is not spinning the engine As for the towing you will probably find the brake is locked on. When that happens the diff locks so one wheel will turn...
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    Walbro aftermarkets

    Put the carb in an ultrasonic bath for an hour or so till it is too hot to touch Clamp the carb in a vice and the jets usually unscrew Only once have I needed to resort to a 3/16" left hand tap ( extra short ) to get a badly corroded one out. You should find an afternarket replacement in your...
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    Great conversation piece

    You got that a bit wrong. The Lightning series 07 08 09 are so good and so powerful that they are still being counterfitted today Inherited on 07 & 08 with the business and they are always out on loan . I could have sold them 10 times over but it is illegal for a registered technican or shop to...
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    Engine runs for 10 minutes and dies

    First principles Diagnose then fix So get an inline spark tester with a red globe Hook it up & start the engine. If it stops flashing or flashes very irregularly before the engine starts to die you have an electricalproblem If it flashes after the engine has started to die then you have a fuel...
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    18.5 hp B&S starts but no high rpms

    Watch it. At rest the arm should be holding the throttle butterfly fully open As the engine increases speed it should close the throttle to maintian a constant speed When you turn the engine off , as the engine starts to slow down you should see the arm opening the butterfly again. If it closes...
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    kohler command pro 23hp runs rough

    At low speeds the automatic decompressor opens the inlet to decompress / Start the engine then manually open the throttle by pushing the govenor arm
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    Craftsman R1000 parking brake stuck

    Follow the brake rod onder the mowe to the brake on th transmission. 1) make sure it is not caught on the frame anywhere 2) if the brake lever is locked on then undo the nuts either side of the caliper on the transmission. DO NOT TOUCH THE MIDDLE NUT WHICH THE LEVER PIVOTS ON. That is the...
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    Honda GV400 no spark

    The system works by making and breaking a ground circuit . So start by clipping a meter probe to the coil wire and rotate the engine by hand, You should see the meter swing through from 0 Ω to ∞ Ω then back to 0 Ω . If not then one of the wires has a constant ground on it or the insulating...
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    Box Store

    World wide. Down here Still shops all sell Honda as well The days of a single brand shop are well & truely gone . Supposedly the hardwear shops are only carrying the cheaper domestic models mostly Chinese made.
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    Stihl/Dolmar Carburetor Interchange?

    Nothing particular unique about a hand held carburettor and most will interchange quite fine. What you have to be very careful is the type & position of the impulse line that powers the fuel pump. After that it is just a matter of rearranging the throttle linkage so it will hook up to the carb...
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    Bagger for Murray 42 in. 17.5 HP Riding Lawn Mower with Briggs and Stratton Engine

    The Walmart Murrays are fully imported from China so there will be noting that will bolt strait on. They are a unique design , loosl based on the old Murray design but with most of the design & cost cutting faults fixed. We get a lot of them down here. never seen a bagger for them so Rives is...
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    Leaking shaft seal on Courage 20 vert. shaft

    I regularly do bottom seals in situ To do it I stand the mower vertical so I can work on it in a comfortable position Note battery needs to come out & fuel tank cap blocked off. Usually put a couple of self tappers in the seal & then use a claw hammer or wrecking bar to pull the seal out by the...
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    Universal Belt

    Link belts have been around for over 100 years. Used a lot on early motorcycles Requires a different shaped pulley An has a low speed and low load limit Also limited to pulleys that are 4" or bigger. Can not have a tension ( flat ) pulley running on the back of the belt So as Hammer has said...
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    B&S 17hp LT1000 rider.

    A good fully charged battery will get about 10 hours of mowing before the battery is drained so much that the clutch slips or the carb solenoid closes & starves the engine. Also when the blades are spinning the engine is under load so the throttle will be open wide so it could be electrical or...
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    Thrown blade belt

    Belts do not stretch , they wear thin on the V sides so sit deeper in the pulleys thus become loose. Excessive wear happens because the belt is slipping on something that is not moving. Good thing about belt failures is the actual appearance of the belt will indicate how & therefore why it has...
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    YTA24V48 steering has a "sticking" point

    It is the ball joints at the end of the drag links flipping over left to right Most now days are part of the drag link so you either need to learn to live with t or replace the entire drag link , probably both of them. The quick steer system designed to be "just as good as a ZTR " rips them to...
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    John Deere F525 fuel pump issues

    Very common for a little bit of the fuel line inner to break away when refitting and block off the fuel inlet at the carb I usually hook up the fuel lines then remove the float bowl and see what is happening when the engine is cranked.
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    Maintaining mower control cables

    When I service mowers all cables get a few drops of Tri-Flow. The only really problematic cable is the throttles on the HRC range . No mower cables have removable inners AFAIK because they have a fixed bend or lug on the ends. Grease is the wrong lubricant for bowden cables. Simple cables I...
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    Local Mower Repair Shops

    You are flogging a dead horse. And yes those who know regularly suggest buying from local dealers but that is not enough to combat the selfish greed of the buying public. The idea that every time you open your wallet there are reprocussions is totally foreign to most people, till they get made...
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    MTD Cub Cadet 42 inch deck belt size

    OK. Now that I have seen it fully tensioned , I am of two minds. That belt looks quite tight and the spring looks like it has good tension on it so moving the spring is not going to shift the pulley position very far. So it looks like I may have been wrong & Fish may have been right, your deck...
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    MTD Cub Cadet 42 inch deck belt size

    Wrong deck Fish HE has a 2000 series Cub and was given the correct length belt The genuine Cub / MTD belt is 62.25" but of course because it is a CUB belt it is neither a standard section nor V angle A Std A section belt ends up being 62" and a 4L is 61" just depends whose aftermarket belt you...
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    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    Just me , myself & I In theory I am mobile , in practice I try to do as much at the workshop as I can. But not having a retail presence means I can open whenever I like and being on 1000 acres with a very busy street and no other houses for 1/2 mile , no problems with making a bit of noise...
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    Will not start

    The kill wire is a ground wire so it will be either open circuit or ground to kill the engine. so follow the kill wire back checking for continuity with ground . It will pass through both lap bars the parking brake switch & the PTO switch. If you post the model & serial numbers then one of the...
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    Carb issues

    The powermore engine is a Honda clone ( Loncin from memory) so any honda clone carb for an engine in the same cc range will fit . Toro started using Loncins a while back with few problems so MTD did the same . Down here Stens are now carrying Loncin engines & RGS have been carrying selected...
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    Question: Huster Fastrack Super Duty pulley

    driver pulley ? please explain which pulley
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    Parts cleaner solvent

    Same here old diesel , kerro & stale fuel. But do take head of Stars comments Volatile solvent cleaning pumps have a magnetic coupling like petrol pumps so if seals fail then it just makes a mess Modern detergent type pumps are just std water pumps and many of them have the inpellar on the end...
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    Walker MTGHS manual

    Walker have all of the service manuals & IPL's available from their web site as a free download. If you phone them they have been known to send paper copies for a very reasonable fee. Small family companies know the value of servicing their customers.
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    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    We are drifting off topic again but that is probably more to do with the small shops than the JD dealers . I started doing what the dealers won't like Overnight servicing for contractors - I now have all but 1 of the 22 contractors who live or work in this region . Free pick up & delivery - I...
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    MTD Cub Cadet 42 inch deck belt size

    Yes you observation is correct because the tension spring is not pulling the arm to the right because it is anchored to a place too far to the left. There was a problem with the domestic Cub decks a while back that involved fitting a smaller pulley and moving the spring to the left .
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    MTD Cub Cadet 42 inch deck belt size

    Well Slowy we will just have to agree to dissagree. It is a cultural difference between Americans & the rest of the world . What you consider to be abrasive we consider to be clear plain request ( denoted by the use of the world please & refrain ) . Further more there is no need for you to be...
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    MTD Cub Cadet 42 inch deck belt size

    The other deck is a 36 or 38 inch deck which is different again. So the first thing is to make sure the tension arm swings freely when the drive pulley is locked in the drive position. Often the spacers are worn or even missing and the tension arm is not free. Then as previously mentioned there...
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    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    I buy whatever I can from two of the local wholesalers where I have accounts and when it is economical to do so directly from the factories ( in China HK & Brazil ) . If I could get the local wholesalers to carry more lines then I would buy from them exclusively but they only carry around 60%...
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    MTD Cub Cadet 42 inch deck belt size

    Well Slowy, if you clicked on the link you would have seen a comprehensive answer sent about 6 hours ago . As far as I can see the belt is right, but the spring is anchored to the wrong hole and might even be wrong to boot, belt is right Mechanic Mark generally chimes in with a link to the parts...
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    18hp opposed twin flooding- spark issue?

    People originally domesticated cats to control rats & mice. SO yes get a cat, lock it in the shed overnight and only feed it in the morning. OR get a couple of carpet pythons, same story, leave them in the shed and make a nice sunny place for them to lay & digest your problem. A big one can...
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    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    Hassel your rep. I have been giving mine grief on a daily basis. Took me 2 years to get them to start doing Kohler flywheels, they are flogging off over 400 a year and are now looking at doing an exchange service with repaired old flywheels. Lots of skid steers down here running on V twin...
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    18hp opposed twin flooding- spark issue?

    Actually Hammer you are not quite correct. Increasing the gap does retard the spark. The potential between the electrodes does not go from 0V to 30,000V instantly but rather starts at 0V then rised to 30,000V then drops back to 0V again in a sine wave form. Now the time is very very short, but...
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    MTD Cub Cadet 42 inch deck belt size

    It is a real PIA when people double post the same thing in two different places Please see the answer posted elsewhere and please refrain from double posting in different sections of the forum other listing
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    Husqvarna YTH24V48

    IF it is a 3 post solenoid ( 2 heavy cables & one trigger near the base ) you jump form the battery cable to the trigger wire and the solenoid should trip. If not jump a ground cable to the solenoid body & try again. If it is a 4 post solenoid ( 2 small trigger wires at the base ) then you jump...
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    MTD Cub Cadet 42 inch belt size?

    A tricky deck those , as the single spring tensions both the deck belt & the PTO belt. What I do not see is the latch for the tension arm. So could you lock the arm in the mow position so we can see where the idler is touching and post that photo. There are a few variations of the 42" deck but...
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    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    One the subject of Briggs. The big problem as Star has identified is most managers are graduates who have never run their own business so have always been spending other peoples money. One of the most successful customers I had in the transport business had a firm rule for management. "If you...
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    18hp opposed twin flooding- spark issue?

    Check the kill wire to the coil for chewed through insulation that is shorting out against the engine. The kill wire should be open ( neither power nor ground ) and goes to ground to stop the sparks So if the insulation is breached and the bare wire can touch the engine, no spark. Double ended...
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    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    I do try not to make political comments because, particularly in the USA politics is on par with religion as the recipient of blind faith from one eyed loyal deciples . If Briggs tried this down here the top management would all be at home right now, without pay, assets frozen pending possible...
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    JD STX38 does nothing when I turn the key!

    The prime culprit I find with old mowers is the battery leads. None of them are sealed and they use interiour grade plain wire so water wicks down between the individual strands & corrodes through the wires. When you ohm them they show no resistance but when required to take heavy current loads...
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    Testing Spark Plugs Using An Ohmmeter

    For the same reason that B & S is filing a chapter 11 and the dud management from McDonald Douglas has sent Boeing to the wall. Cheaper to outsource all of the engine work and shift responsibility for safety from you to the contractors, despite the fact that you know how much it should cost and...
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    Cleaning Combustion Chamber per B&S

    Back in the day of low compression engines & 65 octane petrol, decarbs were part of routine maintenance. The easy way was to pull the muffler off , start the engine then spray water down the carb . Still do the pre WII motorcycles that way.
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    Ryobi string trimmer

    After it has started does it run fine ?
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    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    Briggs problem is they are a component supplier in a very price sensitive market so they are a price taker not a price setter. The second problem is they are an assembler of engines from largely bought in parts so every part in the engine has a profit margin for the makers & transport added to...
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    From a 4 to a 3.

    History , mythology & religion records very few who have "never made a mistake " and none of them had a happy ending. 🥴 :mad::poop:
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    Husqvarna YTH24V48

    Actually it sound like the cranking circuit is open some where and Steve shuld spend more time listening to professionals and less time watching shaved monkeys on face ache. 1) seat switch is not in cranking circuit 2) solenoid could be fine Steve needs to see if jumping the trigger wire to the...
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    Craftsman mower won't start. Cleaned carb. What else to check?

    LIKE MOST OF WHAT hf sells it is designed to be as cheap as possible, not to be easy to use. A white globe iin a spark tester is no easier to see than a spark in a B & S 3 point tester. The Oregon one has a red globe in it so it can be used in places other then the bottom of a coal mine.
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    Testing Spark Plugs Using An Ohmmeter

    DO YOU WANT AN APPRAISAL OF THE VIDEO OR AN ARGUEMENT ? The latter would seem to be the case Firstly the economics. I charge $ 60 / hr to test the plug as he suggests, both hot & cold would take around 20 to 30 minutes so I am charging the customer $ 20 to $ 30 to work out if a $ 7,50 part needs...
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    2003 srd 30: cut 917-280 330 deflector? exhuast chute? available?

    The easiest thing to do is get an old rear catcher. Cut a square hole in the left side as close to the front at you can then put a deflector plate on the inside from the front on the right side to the rear of the left side The grass will now discharge out of the left side. It is very difficult...
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    A web page is slowing down your browser

    Good morning fellow sufferers. To all of you who have helped me directly and to all who have provided entry to portals that I did not know about so I could acquire the information needed to get up to speed. You all have my never ending thanks and deepest gratitude. However there is a limit to my...
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    A web page is slowing down your browser

    And I am not leaving yet but until this is fixed I have no intention of looking at a locked screen for hours every morning . It is exactly the same script that is causing the windows to hang and consuming ll of the processor time as it was in the beginning . Nothing has changed A script on this...
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    A web page is slowing down your browser

    And I am one with Rivets on this. IT is a shame because it is not a difficult problem to sort out from a coding point of view. So there must be a financial reason why it has persisted for so long and these are of course the problem Those on here who are older & using older computers are not the...
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    A web page is slowing down your browser

    Just like Hammer & Rivets This is the only page I have opened today & will be the last See you lads tomorrow , perhaps .